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Tuesday - 60 years of partition

James Harrod | 09:30 UK time, Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Hello and welcome to Tuesday's World Have Your Say. We had a fair response yesterday to the idea of talking about a Muslim caliphate. But, in the end we decided to take the opportunity of broadcasting LIVE from Heathrow - you can listen again here.

So onto today - and celebrations are under way across Pakistan to mark the 60th anniversary of independence from Britain and the creation of the country. Fireworks lit up the sky and crowds filled the streets as clocks struck midnight in the capital, Islamabad. India marks independence tomorrow. We're thinking of getting an Indian, a Pakistani and a Bangladeshi to speak to us - and one another - and give us a sense of the significance of the partition and what it means 60 years on. Does partition underscore Pakistan's present political crisis? Who would you like to hear from?...

Other topics of interest...

.... Staying with India - the coach of a child prodigy who ran 40 MILES in seven hours has been charged with torturing the 6-year-old. Biranchi Das - a fitness fanatic who runs a judo school in the eastern city of Bhubaneshwar faces allegations he tied up and beat Budhia Singh. Budhia had become a hero throughout the country for his running endeavours. We touched on the story of Budhia as part of a wider debate about gifted children back in May 2006. Following this development, should we return to the story?

In China, the toy factory owner at the centre of a storm over lead-tainted Sesame Street figures has committed suicide. Zhang Shuhong hanged himself at the weekend after his export licence was suspended and 1.5m toys were withdrawn because of fears about the products going to the US, the UK and the rest of Europe. In recent months, overseas commerce representatives, health officials and politicans have raised concerns about products in China - again we touched on this a few months back - shall we touch on it today?

Editor Mark's keen on peering inside East Timor. Violence has erupted in several districts since President Jose Ramos-Horta appointed a coalition last week to govern, after no party won a majority in parliamentary elections. But the former ruling party claims IT has the right to be in power after winning most votes in the polls. East Timor is a former Portuguese colony and faces major security, humanitarian and economic challenges. It has significant offshore oil and gas reserves, but half of all people are unemployed in a nation of less than 1-million. An interesting place to talk about - shall we do it today?

The Hezbollah movement in Lebanon is planning a large rally later in the capital, Beirut, to mark the first anniversary of the end of its war with Israel -- Hezbollah views the five-week conflict as a great victory for its forces. Might it be worth dipping into this rally and hearing voices out of Beirut?

I'm quite interested in this story - don't ask me why. On a serious note, we know sex sells, but how do you sell sex? According to the article, Playboy's suffering from a decline in sales. It's relied too heavily on the the male market and is now hoping to appeal to new female customers through its licensing division, including gambling. Out goes the buxom blonde, in comes a new way of selling sex to er...both sexes. Is there something in this?


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