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The Morning Meeting

Paul Coletti | 13:13 UK time, Wednesday, 8 August 2007

We had two chunky topics from yesterday saved up for today both of which have been simmering nicely overnight.

Are fat people to be given special treatment?
Massachusetts lawmakers are considering banning discriminating against fat people. Have you seen this kind of discrimination at work or are you with Noo Yawk's one-and-only Anthony Bourdain who once said on the World Service: "if it's your lifestyle choice to eat yourself up to 300 pounds then live with it."

Iraqi translators.
Since we discussed this yesterday, Britain's Prime Minister has weighed into the debate suggesting a 'review' but Defence Secretary Des Browne now says nothing will happen for months. We talked about the Danish army smuggling out its interpreters back to Denmark on the 20th July and on a national phone-in show this morning in the UK most folks thought the 91 interpreters should be allowed to come to the UK. Do you agree?

Other stories we wondered about were Barry Bonds the record-making Baseball player, the talks between North and South Korea, Tiger Woods modesty (he says he doesn't deserve the title 'most influential athlete on the world stage', Beckham does) and Russia . . . is the Bear growling again?

In the end we decided that the Mass. anti-fat law and the Iraqi interpreters made the grade. Do let us know if you'd like to contribute.


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