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Russia, Pakistan and the B-word

Martin Vennard | 09:13 UK time, Thursday, 9 August 2007

Good morning world.

As my colleague Paul Coletti wrote earlier this week we are planning to debate today whether a newly-confident and energy-rich Russia is now flexing its muscles on the world stage.

Some of you may have seen the debate on the BBC's Have Your Say site and we are looking at the responses there have been to it.

But there are a few other stories around today that you may want us to look at.

Pakistan's government is considering declaring emergency rule

It comes as President Pervez Musharraf faces increasing unrest and opposition at home, and hours after he called off plans to attend a US-backed tribal peace conference in Afghanistan.

Emergency rule would limit the role of the courts, restrict civil liberties and curb freedom of expression.

Some believe it is related to General Musharraf's desire to be re-elected for another term as both president and head of the army. Should we be talking about this?

In New York the city council is debating whether to ban use of the B-word.

Councilwoman Darlene Mealy of Brooklyn has introduced a measure that would outlaw the use of the word bitch. She calls the term deeply sexist and hateful.

But some New Yorkers aren't so sure. Some people say the N-word and the B-word have been reclaimed by the people they were meant to offend the most and that such bans are unenforceable. What do you think?

The proposal is being widely discussed on blogs. Would you like to talk about it?


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