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Monday Morning....

Paul Coletti | 09:09 UK time, Monday, 20 August 2007

Welcome to the start of another week. It's the time of day when we want to hear what you think would make a talking point on tonight's World Have Your Say. e-Mail us if you'd like to contribute.

Dean blows hard
No, nothing to do with US politics but a nasty gale-force 4 (nearly 5) hurricane is sweeping through Jamaica. If you're in the Caribbean are you worried you might be in the target zone?

Elvira Arrelano
Elvira has left her sanctuary of a Chicago church and is now in custody. Should the church have helped illegal immigrants in this way? The US is following this story with interest . . are you?

Arvind Aradhya
What do you make of the Indian lad who's won a national game show . . . first prize: a British education. Is this about UK schooling being the best in the world or about Indian worries in their own systems?

MOBO white list
British music organisation MOBO (Music of Black Origin) has published a list of ten hip-hop role models. Kanye's on it, so is Jay-Z . . . but no 50 Cent. Do you think this type of lists helps? We've touched on this topic in recent WHYS meetings, but why is it only role models for blacks that need a white-list?

Phillipines fighting
The phillipine government is engaged in heavy fighting with Abu Sayyaf militants in Basilan. The army says about 40 of the terror group have been killed and that they have taken casualties as well. It's not a part of the world we hear from a lot -- are you interested in hearing more?

Pakistan's Nukes
This newspaper says President Musharraf is soon to increase Pakistan's nuclear programme. Is this wise? Do you think Musharraf is too weak to do this? Maybe a strong nuclear deterrent is what this region needs?

Revolutionary Guards (IRGC)
Iran's elite fighting force were in the news last week because the US was going to put the organisation on its proscribed terrorists list. Does this help in the fight against terror or just annoy Iran? Or is it actually a badge of honour for this little-known group?


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