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WEDNESDAY NIGHT Libyan deal - do you agree with it?

Victoria Harrison | 17:52 UK time, Wednesday, 25 July 2007

We're off air now, after talking about whether a deal should have been struck with Libya securing the release of the Bulgarian and Palestinian nurses. Your responses coming into the BBC website were largely against a deal with Tripoli and many of you questionned the motives behind one. We also asked is there any sport you trust and whether are there any that remain drug-free? Lots of you responded to this item, but we didn't have much time for it, would you like to hear more tomorrow on this?

And MySpace purges the profiles of some 29000 sex offenders who were using the social networking site. We discussed whether the news of this crackdown was a concern or relief to you. Stephanie called in, she goes into schools to talk to teens and parents and describes herself as a 'tourist guide to the internet'. Here are the links as promised to her website and blog http://stephanie-booth.com or http://climbtothestars.org

This should be called Tour de shame as it just vested with doping and unsportmanship. Now nobody trusts no cyclist. William in Tanzania

The sport i like most cos it's devoid of cheating is ludo. It's drug free. If you're on drug & play it, you miss plenty. Its my best sports! Gilbert in Syama, Mali

I will only be concerned if the cheat wins in the sport, if not i couldnt care less. I trust football because even if players cheat,we don't hear about it. Abbas in Kaduna.

Boxing is my favourite Francis

Whether chess is a sport or not is an on going debate, however it is the game i trust the most,never heard professional players in such scandals - Lusayo in Malawi

I trust football most. A lot of skills is displayed and so the game is entertaining. Nyagaka in Busia

I've stopped following the Tour de France because of dopping. I think Gymnastics is a clean sport. Tibaga in Kenya

I don t fully trust any sports, but love athletics & football. Doping seem to have taken a back seat thru corruption & favouritism by sports officials & agents. Mary Olum from Kenya.

The stakes are just too high in sports these days. Unless the stakes are lowered, sport will lose its relevance. Atsu, Ghana.

Sports: Maybe motor sports is the only one where one does not need unnatural energy to develop bulging muscles with drugs. Roy


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