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Northern lights

Leonardo Rocha | 14:45 UK time, Tuesday, 31 July 2007

We'll be talking about the end of the British Army mission in Northern Ireland today.

Fiona has already set up some interesting voices. She's done in a couple of hours what would take most of us a couple of days.

We want to hear voices from Northern Ireland on the 38 years of British Army presence there: the lowest moments, the turning points, the heroes, the villains.

We'll have in the studio in Belfast Michael Patterson, ex-RUC officer who lost both arms in a bomb attack. He'll be there with Anthony McIntyre, a former Republican who spent 18 years in jail.

On the phone, Chris, a former British soldier who served in Northern Ireland.

What would you like to ask them? Do you have any stories you would like to share? Let us know and send us your phone number if you'd like to join the conversation today.

We talked about other issues in the meeting. But the main distraction was Karnie's birthday cake.

Young Karnie is a year older today. She's worried. She came up with a suggestion: should we talk about age prejudice and women.

Why do women lie about their age? I'd like to know. But is it only women? Alex thinks that men of a certain age are just as bad.

We thought about bringing Francesca Martinez on the show to talk about disability and humour. She's disabled herself and would like to talk about it.

Is it ok to make jokes about disabled people? Is it acceptable even if the comedian is not disabled?

But we thought we may have another opportunity to talk to Francesca when she performs at the Edinburgh Festival, in a couple of weeks.

And there's a lot of interest on Northern Ireland. Also from people abroad, in Serbia, in South Africa, in the US.

Get in touch, send us your comments.

Ros is not in today. He's replaced in great style by Madeleine Morris.

For the fans, no reasons to worry. Ros will be back with you tomorrow.


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