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What would satisfy the jihadists?

James Harrod | 12:30 UK time, Monday, 2 July 2007

fireglasgow.jpgQuite a few decent stories around today, but the strongest and most thought-provoking is coming out of the UK. On our BBC News site, we've already had 6,000 comments about the attempted car bombs in London and Glasgow. There is clearly a lot to talk about and it's sure to make a lively debate on the show. All of our contact details are on the right hand side of the page...we're asking a few main questions:

What would it take to make this sort of terrorism stop? Is it a more generalised hatred of the west? Is it about British foreign policy in Iraq and Afghanistan, or Salman Rushdie's knighthood, or the Palestinian situation, sharia law, or any specific grievance or grievances? What motivates the bombers, and what can be done to stop these sort of attacks? Join the global conversation and get posting.


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