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Living with terror

Victoria Harrison | 10:49 UK time, Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Morning....there's still only one story around here today. In the UK, we're still talking about the failed attacks on London and Glasgow. More arrests have been made - one in Australia. Given that those involved seem to have been foreign-born and relatively recent arrivals to the UK, questions are being asked about immigration and whether we need tougher entry requirements.

That said, the government has welcomed "the strong measures of condemnation we have heard throughout the weekend from (Muslim) community leaders across the country". This is being read by some as the start of a new hearts and minds campaign aimed at Muslims living in Britain. In a significant choice of language, the new Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, rarely mentioned Muslims in her statement and she described the perpetrators as criminals.

There's also lots of discussion about the fact those behind the attacks were doctors and the idea we often imagine that bombers are from more deprived or excluded backgrounds.

I've heard and read several discussions about living with terror. Last night the station I normally go home from was closed due to a scare. And this morning I'm working from a different BBC office, but the tube I was travelling on couldn't stop where I needed to get off because of another alert. So I ended up walking most of the way to work today.

The security level remains at critical. We're being told not to travel to airports by car and take public transport if we can. Police aren't allowing people to be dropped off outside airports like Heathrow and they're checking vehicles at main railway stations. At Wimbledon concrete barricades have been put up outside to stop would-be car bombers getting close to the venue. Do you live with these levels of security every day?

There's still talk about why these groups do what they do. On a BBC programme this morning former British jihadist, Hassan Butt, said that while Iraq and Afghanistan played a part, the main reason they carry out these kinds of attacks was for, what he described as, 'the pleasure of their religion'. What does he mean by this? Do you want us to look at different interpretations of what the Koran says about terror?

Do you think we should still be discussing this story?

There are obviously other things around.....like President Bush stepping in to save convicted former White House aide, Scooter Libby, from going to prison. Should presidents have the right to intervene? How would something like this go down in your country?

We're still looking at Kenya, where public debate on abortion has been raging. An event aimed at gauging the temperature of the debate was disrupted last week by pro-life campaigners, and four pro-choice participants were forced to flee the venue. 300,000 illegal abortions take place and 3000 women die each year in backstreet abortions in Kenya - given the demand, should abortion be legalised?

Some of you have emailed in and asked us to look at the idea of a 'United States of Africa' - our sister programme Africa Have Your Say will be discussing this very issue later today.

A poll out today on climate change suggests many people don't think it's as big an issue as experts and politicians are making out. The global warming issue certainly seemed to gain ground over the last year - what do you think ? Does it merit the attention it gets?

And should a girl in Canada give birth to her half brother or sister? Her mother is freezing her own eggs for the future, because her seven year old daughter has a condition which means she will never have her own children. But if one day she decides to use her mother's eggs, she'd effectively be giving birth to her half brother or sister.


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