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British Muslims & 'Scooter' Libby

James Harrod | 18:00 UK time, Tuesday, 3 July 2007

We're now off air. To listen, click here. We were asking if the failed bomb attacks in London and Glasgow, and the investigation that followed, has affected the lives of British Muslims. There's been violence at the controversial Red Mosque in Islamabad - we talked to people there. And we also got reaction to President Bush's intervention in the Lewis "Scooter" Libby sentence.

Tim in Michigan, USA, wrote

In my opinion president Bush's pardon of Scooter Libby is ridiculous and as an American it saddens me to see this miscarriage of justice

Seth in Portland, Oregon,
It's significant that you had to search for somebody to defend president Bush while you were being flooded with messages from critics of his decision. Bush's effective pardon of Libby is yet another indication of his administration's belief that they are above the law.

kalypso in Vienna, Austria, says

I am not at all surprised by bush's decision. This hypocritic, corrupt criminal - he, all his cronies and his administration should be locked behind bars for the rest of their life.

Amber wrote:

I found it so offensive that President Bush declared that Scooter Libby's sentence was "excessive" - personally I would think that allowing the sentencing of people with developmental disabilities to the death penalty would be considered far more excessive that 30 months in jail, yet George Bush seems to have no problem with this.

Kerry said :

How can the president say that the sentance was too harsh for a high-ranking offical, who obstructed an investigation into a breach of national security during, as Bush himself maintains, "a time of war"?
By the way..Can you stop constantly yelling..Thanks

Rich in Oregon wrote:

While I felt that Libby was forced to fall on his sword to protect his superiors, the commutation of his entire prison sentence simply demonstrates once again that if you are a White House staffer, you can do pretty much what you want at the behest of "management" and know that they will ultimately take care of you. I expect a full pardon in the end

Ben writes;

If President Bush wasn't such a gentleman he'd say in response to candidate Hilary Roddam Clinton, "Well why don't we look at the kind of people your husband Bill pardoned and compare them with Mr. Libby and then see what you have to say." I can just imagine the howls from the liberal left if President Bush actually just for once said what an unprofessional politician would say. Oh I fanticize on


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