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How green is your plane?

Leonardo Rocha | 10:26 UK time, Monday, 9 July 2007

This has been a big planet saving weekend. Concerts round the world, the Tour the France starting from London and encouraging cycling in Britain, and Boeing. Yes, Boeing unveiled its new "green plane".

It's lighter and more fuel efficient than the planes you and I have been travelling on. But how green can a plane be?

I've done my bit to save the planet today, by cycling all the way from Greenwich to TV Centre. That's more than 20km and no CO2 emissions. But let's move on.

Is it time we look at what's happening at the Red Mosque, in Islamabad? Troops are still outside the mosque and the Pakistani government is now considering a final assault.

The mosque's leader, Abdul Rashid Ghazi, has said he and his followers would commit suicide rather than surrender.

The Arab League has announced it will send a delegation to Israel for the first time. That's the day after the Israeli government announced it will release 250 (Fatah only) prisoners.

How significant are these moves? Are we getting any nearer to a solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict?

And I wonder if there's any appetite for Alistair Campbell's diaries. Tony Blair's former spin master has left out from his new published book all the bits about the relationship with Gordon Brown.

What's the point of those political diaries if the juicy stuff is edited out? How genuine are the diaries when the person writing knows it's going to become a book?

Food for thought. Send us your comments and ideas.


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