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Friday's thoughts...

| 10:31 UK time, Friday, 27 July 2007

A late post today as Leonardo appears to have been struck down by illness. I picked up my first July cold ever recently, unsurprisingly with the autumnal like weather in this country. We started the week talking about the freak floods that hit the UK, and as Adrian wrote yesterday, are going to finish it by asking what can be done to improve things for people dealing with extreme weather conditions all across the globe. Post your comments and questions here, we'll do our best to get them answered.

Australian prosecutors have dropped terror charges against an Indian doctor over the failed bomb attacks in the UK. They thought Mohamed Haneef was connected to the failed plot and threw him in jail, but have now admitted "a mistake has been made". I wander if we should look into what those mistakes were? And the effect they have had on doctors in Australia? I'm trying to get through to the doctor mentioned in this story, I hope we can hear from here later.

Michel has e-mailed us regarding today's news item about the link between cannabis an psychosis/schizophrenia.

My 56 year-old brother smokes cannabis. He started in the late 60's and has been hooked ever since. He was admitted in the Maudsley hospital in London in 1973 as the drug brought him into a catatonic state. He's been in many mental hospitals over the years. In his whole life he's only worked a few months (in the early to mid 70's). Since then he's been living on state benefits, receiving even more money than my blind 89 year-old mother as he claimed a higher rate of Invalid Care allowance). With this money he's able to smoke cannabis day and night. Over the years many social workers/psychiatric nurses encouraged him to smoke stating to us (family members) that there was nothing wrong with it. Canabis is a highly addictive narcotic. I myself was thoroughly addicted to it for 18 years.

Thank you for sending us your experiences Michel, perhaps we can talk to you on the show later.

Immigration law overturned
Mayor Barletta has been quoted as saying he wanted to make Hazleton the most difficult town in the US for illegal immigrants to settle. He passed a number of laws last year, including one which imposed fines on landlords who rented their property to illegal immigrants. A federal judge has ruled the laws as unconstitutional, which could affect several similar laws awaiting approval across the US. Immigration is a huge issue in the US at the moment, is this a good reason to look at it today?


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