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Friday....and why we're going to New Orleans.

Mark Sandell Mark Sandell | 10:31 UK time, Monday, 16 July 2007

......though the two aren't related.
Friday's programme wasn't up to standard and i apologise. The story about Israel was fair enough to do (see this Sunday's Telegraph for example) but we needed a key element of the story : the fact that these refugees had passed through Egypt ( see this article in the Jeruslalem Post ) . During the day, we had people from Egypt lined up to appear on the programme and for one reason or another (mainly technical- or to put it bluntly, not being able to get the phone lines to Egypt to work) we didn't do that. Not good enough. One e-mailer said "why are you doing Israel and not, say Spain or Switzerland ?" and in the light of how we did the story, i won't disagree with him.
As for New Orleans, that's another story...

As Fiona's already stated on this blog, the place is special to us. That of course doesn't justify the trip it is in fact a pleasant coincidence that the PRNDI conference is there but all the same. At the end of doing a WHYS at a similar conference in Boston, we were asked to appear at this one. We will endeavour to do a "normal" WHYS which just so happens to come from New Orleans, using the live audience there to be among our contributors. We of course want to do a thoroughly professional job (ahem, unlike Friday) and serve our audience well. - but the other reason is that we want other staions in the U.S to take our programme and bring more people into the global conversation.
As it stands, we have loyal and fruitful relationships with excellent stations like WCPN , WDET and KOPB and we are very proud that they think enough of WHYS to carry us and support us. But we'd like more - the more people who can hear WHYS can take part and enrich the debate for all of us - and so after we're off air on Thursday, Ros and i will be on various panels at the conference and later taking part in various other "sales" initiatives.
I just want to head off some of the inevitable e-mails which say "why oh why are you back in the U.S etc etc etc "


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