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Extreme weather, extreme solutions?

James Harrod | 18:07 UK time, Thursday, 26 July 2007

Hi, it's Adrian blogging on James' log-in. One of the ideas we talked about in our editorial meeting today was what's been happening with the weather across Europe. All this week we've had headlines about the weather; hundreds of people dying in Hungary, Greece and Romania, thousands homeless from flooding in the UK. We didn't do it today, but we're looking at it for tomorrow's show...

Is it time for extreme solutions to manage the world's climate? Professor Peter Cox, a leading climatologist in Britain, tells us there is a taboo which is blocking research among the scientific community into radical climate management technologies. What about reflecting sunlight away from Earth, or storing carbon in rocks and oceans? Should we do this as well as focusing on tackling our climate emissions? Leave us a comment, and a phone number if you'd like to take part in Friday's show!


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