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Beckhams/Troops/Sexy Politics

James Harrod | 09:51 UK time, Friday, 13 July 2007

beckscorrect.jpgGood morning. Plenty of good stories around today - not least the arrival of the Beckhams in Los Angeles. Arguably the world's most iconic footballer and his 'Spice Girl' wife are now on US soil. David will be unveiled as a LA Galaxy player just as we go on air and there's many of you who want to talk about what his image and ability will do for Major League Soccer.

David has certainly made it clear his move to the west coast of the States is purely for footballing reasons, but pictures taken for the August edition of 'W' magazine may suggest otherwise...

...The couple have already planted some "showbiz seeds" and can now count Hollywood stars Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Jennifer Lopez as good friends.

LA Galaxy officials want to keep his unveiling pretty low-key - try telling that to the 700 or so photographers and journalists wanting to get that vital snap for Saturday morning's papers. 250,000 replica Galaxy shirts have already been sold bearing Beckham's name - impressive for a club which has a ground capacity of just 27,000. So if we're to do the Beckhams' arrival later, what questions should we be asking? Will Beckham and his global appeal change the fate of US soccer? Will the couple's latest endeavour backfire? And .. If you're being really honest, do you care? Thoughts as ever please.

Meantime, the United States House of Representatives has voted in favour of pulling most combat troops out of Iraq by April next year. The new legislation calls for the Pentagon to begin withdrawing combat troops within four months. It comes as the a minister in the British government has hinted of a change in foreign policy. International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander emphasised the need for "new alliances, based on common values". He warned against unilateralism and called for an "internationalist approach" to global problems. Observers say the speech appeared to be a "coded criticism" of the policies of US President George Bush. We did a lot on the Iraq report yesterday, but could we revisit some of the issues? Is Mr Bush becoming an increasingly isolated figure over Iraq?

To Switzerland now and a report in a British newspaper today states that residents of a tower block, where the assisted suicide organisation - Dignitas - operated from, have had enough and forced it out. Dignitas is now looking for alternative headquarters. Many residents aren't against assisted suicide, but are fed up of seeing body bags being taken out of front doors, and the building "smelling of death". Dignitas says it may set up in a caravan. Does this give us a good peg to talk about assisted suicide? Should more countries follow the Swiss example and be more liberal - or should no-one have the right to help someone end their life?

Politics gets sexy....again. Remember Obama girl? Now it's Obama Girl vs Giuliani girl. Another video's been released by BarelyPolitical.com - this time pitting a Rudy Giuliani "supporter" against Barack Obama's. Oh - and there's also one for Hillary Clinton now too. A political laugh or a serious way of getting young people interested in politics? And is there any cash in it for the people making the videos?


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