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ON AIR Beckham vs American indifference

Ros Atkins Ros Atkins | 15:27 UK time, Friday, 13 July 2007

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This is going to be a brief effort. You can thank the builder who put his foot through my ceiling this morning for that. I was pretty late to work. As he put it - 'Ros, there's a small problem'. 'You bet there is, the Daily Email's going to be late' I replied. Oddly, that didn't really seem to register. He must not be on the list.

Mark's outlined several of the stories we're either doing or looking to do... here's where we're getting with them...

Some go to Egypt, others push on and get into Israel. Whether these Sudanese refugees should be accepted by Israelis or deported is a debate we've been alerted to by the BBC Arabic Service. They'll be helping us hear all sides of the debate. Please feel free to add your voice.

Post here: www.bbcnews.com/worldhaveyoursay
Here's the story:

Many have tried and failed, but it doesn't seem to be putting off Goldenballs as he takes on football's final frontier. There are plenty of WHYS regulars in the States - so come on be honest, did the Beckhams arrival in LA grab your attention? Are you more interested in Posh's sunglasses or David's crossing ability? And can he really put soccer on an even footing with baseball, basketball and grid iron?

We were going to take a look into Louisiana's legal cockfighting scene, but sadly the cockfighters we got hold of didn't want to come on the programme. Finding people to say they oppose it isn't so hard but lots of opponents won't really make for a great discussion. So if you're a cockfighter and would like to argue for it being legal in Louisiana…. you're guaranteed a spot on the show.

Have a great weekend. Speak to you later.


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