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US school race ruling and other ideas

Fiona Crack | 11:34 UK time, Friday, 29 June 2007

US school race ruling

A Supreme Court ruling says that schools in the United States can no longer use race as a factor for selection. Two Democrat presidential hopefuls, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, have spoken out against the ruling. They say it's a setback for racial integration. The case was brought by white parents in the cities of Louisville and Seattle.

Is positive action discrimination?

is it good or bad for race relations in the US ?

And other stories that you may be interested in.

Kenya abortion

Four women who had had backstreet abortions were forced to pull out of a discussion forum in Nairobi due to protests. Abortion (unless it saves the mother's life) is illegal in Kenya but 300 000 abortions take place a year - with 2 600 women dying as a result. Audio recordings of the women's stories were heard and widely reported prompting public discussions…..

There's emails coming into the site from Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya….

German Mosque

The construction of one of Europe's biggest mosques near to a globally famous Christian landmark has sparked a furious row in Germany. Immigration and integration are hugely sensitive questions in Germany, which is home to a Turkish community of several million.

"It's not a popular plan," said Joerg Uckermann, the district's deputy mayor. "We don't want to build a Turkish ghetto in Ehrenfeld. I know about Londonistan and I don't want that here."

Many blogs refer to the building of the new Mosque on postings about "the islamification of Europe".

Tunisian headscarf

We've found several stories of state police ripping of the hijabs of local women in Tunisia. The veil is banned there. We've been trying to contact women to ask them their experiences and for their opinions.

Screw-up on air

A US television news presenter refused to lead her bulletin with the latest Paris Hilton story, then screwed up, shredded and attempted to set fire to the script on air. Mika Brzezinski, co-presenter of MSNBC's Morning Joe programme, refused to read out the story of the celebrity socialite's release from jail ahead of items on Iraq and developments at the White House.
It's one of YouTubes most popular hits.


And the i-phone launches. Are you at the front of the queue?


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