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ON AIR - Should the Jamaican police or the media apologise over the Bob Woolmer murder claims?

Victoria Harrison | 18:03 UK time, Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Anita Rani is hosting the show - we're talking about today's announcement by the Jamaican police that the Pakistan cricket coach, Bob Woolmer, actually died of natural causes. Earlier they'd opened a murder inquiry, fuelling speculation that he'd been killed in suspicious circumstances, and feeding rumours about who the suspects and what the motive might have been. Fingers are being pointed at the Jamaican police and the media. What do you think? Who was to blame ? Are apologies owed?

We'll also be talking about a case which has caused controversy in the US - a young man was sentenced to ten years in prison for having had consensual oral sex with a fifteen year old girl. He's served two years and had his sentence overturned by a judge yesterday, but the state attorney has not released him because he intends to file an appeal. Should the young man be released? If the couple had consensual sex, should he have been charged at all? Or do you think he should serve the full ten year sentence?

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Here are a few of the texts we're getting...

Wayne in Salt Lake City says 'Ok, so if it was the other way around & we found he'd been murdered we'd still be giving the police a hard time. They were under a lot of pressure internationally & they went off what information they had. I think it shows a great professionalism from the police that they triple checked just to make sure.'

Lawson from Jamaica says 'he's is ashamed that the jamaican police is so incompetent'

Indradale in Jamaica writes 'Is the case that complex?...i don't think so, it only makes you think about the so-called corruption in the Jamaican police force.'

Riz in Sydney says 'the Pakistani team deserves an apology more than anyone at the moment, considering the loss of moral that the incident caused them. They need some encouragement don't they?'

Suman from Nepal writes 'I think the media handled the coach's death very badly. Especially the Indian media accusing everyone without any grounds'

And coming in on the emails .......

Olivene in Jamaica says 'I am sorry that things were so protracted in coming to a definitive conclusion about Mr. Woolmer's cause of death. However, far better to investigate thoroughly and eliminate murder as the cause than to have been slack and ignore possible evidence which could have allowed a murderer to escape justice.'

Stan in USA writes 'Sounds like pathology fixing. The 1st pathologist said his neck was broken. Either his neck was broken or not. That cant be rocket science.'

Michael in Oregon emailed 'I lived in Jamaica for a dozen years... until quite recently. Jamaica's police force are back in the 1950s. They don't solve murders in Jamaica. If you read the statistics you will see that that is not what the police in Jamaica do. '

Kalypso in Vienna asks 'What kind of doctor is this? I mean surely dying from natural death and having been strangled give TOTALLY different pictures'

Abu from Nigeria writes 'Bob's death couldn't have been natural. lt's a shame the Jamaican police acted like a Nigerian police cover-up.'

Dominic in Sierre Leone emails 'Bob was an incredible manager, his death was a great lost to all cricket associate. May his soul rest in peace.'

Ronald Bana in Uganda says 'Jamaican Police did professional job. I think what they said should is true. Give credit where it s due.'

Dr Akele in Nigeria wrote 'I find it difficult to believe that the Jamaican police cannot differentiate the difference between asphyxia from natural cause from that caused by strangulation.'

Alie emails 'the Jamaican police and the media should make an open statement of apology to the team and all cricket lovers all over the world.'


On our other story......

Jerry in the US says 'Newsflash! Teenagers have sex! And, in other news, the sky is blue, water is wet, and grass is green!'

Gordon also in the States writes '10 years jail for doing what teenagers have been doing for millenia ? Me thinks this judge has neither children nor a grip on reality !'

Michael in France asks 'IS THE GIRL IN JAIL TOO?'

Hana in Prague writes 'Jailing teenagers for having sex? Why don t we jail the elderly for playing bingo?'

Alistair also in Prague says 'ten years is a wildly excessive term for two people agreeing to have sex, even though one was just underage. Changing the law to reflect reality is necessary to stop the judiciary becoming a laughing stock.'

This anonymous text says.... 'It reminds me of when a bit of hoohah by Clinton set off impeachment proceedings in the US and stopped the country. American prisons are full enough as it is. Why jail people who were just being consensually intimate with each other ? Grow up USA !'

Gary in Sydney writes 'If we jailed every underage teenager in Australia who had sex we'd have to take everyone out of Tasmania and build a fence around it and send them all down there'

And Ash in Exeter says 'Hey underage sex is always going to happen, nobody can stop it. This guy got caught.'

In emails.....

Rodger in The Netherlands writes 'I find the position of the the Attorney General very strange. I thought Attorneys-General were there to safeguard the legal welfare of the citizenry.'

Peter from Jamaica says 'teenagers will have sex no matter what. it s all that hormone'

Jill in Portland emails 'The law is not intended for teens engaging in normal social behavior but sexual predators. What a waste of this poor boy's life and our resources.'

And an anonymous emailer writes 'Can you please have the Lawyer explain what would have happened had the two had consensual intercourse, not just oral sex. I think it is called the "Romeo and Juliet" law.'

Angel in Portland says 'Sexual moralities are not the governments business and it is the repression of sexual expression that has left us in a culture of sex-phobia and sex-obsessed mentality that is eating at the very core of our health and safety. Teenagers have sex all the time - just like adults. Putting an arbitrary number on when kids can start having sex "legally" is a perversion of human nature. When anyone is having consensual sex the government needs to stay out of it - especially when the individuals are close in age.'

Eben writes 'I find it is funny that he is considered a teenager until he is convicted and sentenced as an adult. But this is what you can expect from a country where the drinking age is 21 and kids are put on trial as adults as young as 13.'

Michelle in Detroit says 'Genarlow Wilson was headed to college and this has ruined his life! I feel for this kid and respect his refusal to plea.'

Roland in Canada emails 'He is only is jail because he is black and the girl is white. This is purely about race in the American South'

Ayodeji also writes 'Unfortunately, I believe the sentence was racially motivated. Consenting sex among minors???? Jail every baby-daddy under 18 in America then, including the baby mamas.'


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