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  • James Harrod
  • 27 Jun 07, 06:00 PM

We're ON AIR right now. We're hearing from Lubna - a regular caller to WHYS - as she celebrates a bittersweet 21st birthday in Baghdad. Lubna feels there is little hope for her future in Iraq - but is she right? You can talk to her. Also, we're trying to get a sense of the situation in Iran where fuel rationing has come into force. How are people coping? Get in touch with us - text/call/email details on the right hand side of this page or leave us a comment below.

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  • 1.
  • At 06:06 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • John wrote:

Dear Lubna,

The best way to honor your friends who have died is to celebrate your birthday as they would have wanted you to. Celebrate them as though you had all lived long lives together and you are the last one left who remembers them. Celebrate your birthday to show the world that the love they carried for you and you carry for them cannot be destroyed.

Peace be with you, Lubna.

Happy Birthday.

  • 2.
  • At 06:07 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Amrose, Nigeria wrote:

Dear Mr. Blair,
I want to say, it's been a most memorable farewell for you to 10, Downing Street, but also it's a most hearty welcome to another beffitting scene for you in the Act of International Diplomacy,a new role as Peace Envoy for Middle East.
All the best please.
Humbly yours,

  • 3.
  • At 06:08 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Brian P. Hoadley wrote:

My condolences for the loss of your friends. Stay strong and continue working towards your dream. If you have the means, finish your studies elsewhere. Who knows, by then perhaps things will have settled down.

  • 4.
  • At 06:08 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Oliver, berlin wrote:

Never stop telling your story Lubna, the hearts and minds of the people who listen to your accounts of life in Iraq are with you. The BBC is all about telling the truth to the world, you are part of that truth.

  • 5.
  • At 06:10 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • G. W. Keasler wrote:

Lubna. I know your fear, and your dismay. Things won't be like this forever. It was not meant to be this way. I'm sorry. If people would just lay down their 'self' then nations and religions would not kill each other and niave man would not try to fix things. There is hope, Jesus WAS that hope and he did not impose himself on any one as we try to do. He said that when Jerusalem was owned again by Israel the time of the gentiles would be over, we are approaching this time. I wish I could give you hope, you could have all of mine.
Try - there are new things there.

  • 6.
  • At 06:11 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Peace my sister wrote:


Many happpy returns on your birthday, wishing you a long and healthy life. I know you have lost much in your life by way of freedoms that many take for granted. Those of us who do not live in Iraq cannot even imagine what its like. I wish there will be peace in your life soon so you can go out and enjoy the sun and laugh with friends and family. You are a brave women and have qualities that I wish I had. I will pray for you and Iraq. Please try not to be too dishearted things will get better.

  • 7.
  • At 06:14 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • WN, WI, USA wrote:


It is nice that you choose to acknowledge the birthday of an Iraqi woman.

I would tell her this. My heart goes to you and your people who having been suffering interminably since 1981. Please keep hope going and keep your dignity for yourself and your people. Most of the world is solidly behind you and your people.

Yes, your resistance will throw out the invaders. If you have any doubts think of Vietnam. In any case, the invaders are bogged down hopelessly.

May you in the days ahead come to enjoy peace and sovereignty. We are with you. And, good luck with medical school. Happy Birthday!

  • 8.
  • At 06:17 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Joey wrote:

Hello Lubna,
It's great to hear from you, although the situation is unfortunate. I rarely hear about people from Iraq, and your message is great.
When I was 12 years old, I couldn't believe our country was going to war in Iraq the first time. That was my first memory of Iraq, and since then all I ever hear about is war. So it's great to hear about real people albeit in such difficult times. Hopefully peace in Iraq will happen in my life time.
There's not much I can do to help the peace, but to communicate with someone like and others from Iraq is a real pleasure. I definitely think you're experience can help us to learn about life
Thank you.
Colorado, USA

  • 9.
  • At 06:18 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Matt, Canada wrote:

Hello Lubna,

I celebrated my 24th birthday this weekend. I want to say that I hope someday soon you will have the kind of birthdays that we in Canada take for granted so often. You are an inspiration for all of us and no one deserves a happy birthday more than you. Please stay strong and we are thinking of you!

Take care for now.

  • 10.
  • At 06:20 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Kalypso, Vienna wrote:

Lubna,my prayers are with you,and with the people of Iraq.Life must be horrible for you-how can you cope?
It may soundredicolous,but:everything is for good.
The ways of God are misterious.I wish you -despite of all-a happy happy birthday.May God protect you!Don't lose hope!God performs miracles.

  • 11.
  • At 06:22 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Ingrid, Norway wrote:

Dear Ros,

I realize it must be tough for the Iranians but I imagine the government has to sell quite a bit of oil in order to survive the imbargo imposed by the west. Shouldn`t the Iranian people be pulling together in a time of crisis.
In spite of all the nasty things which have been said about the Iranian government, mostly a smear campaign by the west, (remember how they lied about Iraq amoungst other things,) one thing that cannot be said about the Iranian govt. is that they are stupid.

Please wish Lubna "Happy Birthday" from me. My son-in-law also has his birthday today.


  • 12.
  • At 06:23 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Adam, Portland, USA wrote:

Hello again Lubna, weve spoken in the past on the show. My deepest sympathies for your losses. Please keep your chin up, continue to stay in touch with all of us and try to have a good birthday celebrating that you are still alive.

ps-many of us here in the US are very embarassed about the occupation it is not our wish that things should be this way.

  • 13.
  • At 06:26 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • kim, oregon, USA wrote:

Lubna- (sorry for the spelling)

I’m going to write yet another letter to my senator about ending the war in Iraq. I would like to include a message from you in that letter. What should I tell him?

  • 14.
  • At 06:31 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Rita Petherbridge wrote:

Hi Lubna,

I'm wishing you (and your country) peace for your birthday. I will keep you all in my prayers. But I would like to know if you (someone who is there) are aware of something more we, in the United States, could be doing.


  • 15.
  • At 06:32 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Ian, Seattle wrote:

My question for Lubna is what dose she believe should happen with the troops in Iraq?

I here so many different opinions; Sometimes I here that Iraqis want the troops there, and then I here reports that they’d much rather have us out. It’s always hard to work through the bias of the news, and I feel the most trusted reports come from the people who live through the issues.

I would love to know her opinion.

  • 16.
  • At 06:33 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Steve, USA wrote:

Well, the day Arab Muslims become secular or at least don't take their religion that seriously, and can even make fun of themselves, or take a joke, then they'll stop killing each other in Iraq and other similar situations. Until they become secular, there simply will not be peace, so I'm sorry Lubna.

  • 17.
  • At 06:39 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Susan, Oregon, USA wrote:

Iran is swimming in oil but instead of building oil refineries its leaders waste the nation's resources on nuclear facilities. The result is that the nation exports the oil but has to import the gas.

  • 18.
  • At 06:40 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Nate wrote:

First, my heart goes out to Lubna and all other innocent Iraqis who have suffered due to my country's actions. I opposed the war from the beginning, largely because the Bush admin clearly had no concept of the horrors of war and occupation.

However, I'm a little confused by her recommendation that our troops should get involved and fix things and then leave. We don't have another 150,000 troops to send, and anything less seems like it would just be throwing wood into the fire. What can the US do? I feel like saying that the US has a moral obligation to fix Iraq is like saying we have a moral obligation to flap our ears and fly to the moon. I don't think we could do either very well.

  • 19.
  • At 06:41 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Field, Zambia wrote:

Hi Ros, iam so much touched by my friend's birth statements.i beiieve she is passing thru emtional sitution. which is making her life not enjoyable. The sitution in Iraq is more than terable and pathetic. i can only say to her be strong only jesus is heals broken spirit. God bless you, field zambia

  • 20.
  • At 06:45 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Jim, UK wrote:

People keep making the comparison between Northern Ireland and Iraq I just want to point out that the casualty rate for the conflict in Northern Ireland over the 29 years of the troubles was between 0.01 - 0.03% of the population while that in Iraq over the 4 years since the invasion is between 0.2 - 0.6% of the population which is more than an order of magnitude difference. My heart goes out to Lubna and all Iraqis for the crime that the west has perpetrated against them.

  • 21.
  • At 06:54 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Maralee Gerke wrote:

This message is for Lubna. Lubna your country is paying such a high price for being in the way of a government(USA) that has torn oyour life apart. I just want you to know that most americans feel so sad that people's lives have been torn apart in this way.
I hope that you know there are people all over the world who care for you and all the civilian families that must live in fear. I hope that one day soon you will walk the streets in confidence and feel safe in your home. A sister from Oregon Maralee

  • 22.
  • At 06:59 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Connie wrote:

Dear Lubna,

I wish you a happy birthday. Your ability to communicate your inner feelings so clearly to the rest of the world show great resilience and strength.

You are in my prayers. Every time I hear of another tragedy in Iraq, I pray for those who died or were wounded, and for their families and friends. I also pray that God will change the hearts of the individuals who plan and commit violence.

Please do not give up hope. I cannot imagine how difficult it is for you, but I think that people with a good heart like yours are the hope for Iraq's future.


  • 23.
  • At 07:05 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Paul, USA wrote:

About the comparisons between Northern Ireland and Iraq: With all due respect to the people who suffered in NI, the total number of deaths in the 40 years of troubles is barely a bad month in Iraq. The situation in Iraq is so bad now, it would take the intervention of the entire world to set it to rights.

  • 24.
  • At 07:21 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Kim wrote:

Thanks Lubna – I’ll pass that message along to my senator right away. I am so sorry we made a mess out of it.

  • 25.
  • At 07:23 PM on 27 Jun 2007,
  • Steve, USA wrote:

To the american caller who said occupations will always fail if the occupiers don't speak the language or understand the culture. Well, I think the Germans and Japanese would disagree with that. The thing with Germany and Japan is that they didn't have an abundance of religious fundamentalists who are willing to kill because of events that are 1400 years old.


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