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Good Morning . . .

Paul Coletti | 08:41 UK time, Wednesday, 6 June 2007

What are you're talking points for today? G8? Scooter Libby? Princess Diana Photos? The Lao Plot? Castro speaks? The Republican debate? The horrendous treatment of French Exchange students by British families? Let us know what you want to talk about.

It seems like only yesterday we were talking about the G8 last year in Russia. The atmosphere at this year's debate in Heiligendamm on the Baltic coast is being dsescribed by CNN right now as "tetchy". Delegates are soon to arrive at the airport at Rostock and will run a gauntlet of protests it seems on their way to the resort. President Bush has said he wants to get together 15 of the biggest carbon emitters and hammer out a global wamring agreement. This is not something Angela Merkel likes - she wants to see any initiatives come under UN administration. Who is right? Do you think the G8 (and the other nations joining it this year) can help combat global warming? Do you think the G8 is just an expensive talking shop? Will Vladimir Putin and George Bush settle recent differences on the Judo mat?

Princess Di
A British TV company, Channel 4, will air a documentary tonight which will show for the first time photos from the crash site where the Princess was killed. They say no pictures will show Diana's actual features. They have refused a request by Wills and Harry not to show the film. Were they right to stand their ground? Do you think there is a valid public interest here?

It reads like a movie script and many are commenting on how ironic it is that the US, once hostile to the Lao People's Democratic Republic, should now be coming to its aid. Ethnic Hmong and former general Vang Pao (pictured), and 9 others were conspiring to overthrow the Lao government. Laos holds the dubious honour of being the world's most bombed country. What do you make of the CIA uncovering this plot? The Lao government are very grateful.


Scooter's Sentence
Are you satisfied with the 30 month sentence and $250,000 fine handed down to Lewis 'Scooter' Libby for for perjury and obstruction of justice? He certainly had some very powerful friends writing to the judge on his behalf. It doesn't look like he listened: the 2.5 year term is being seen as somewhat tough. Do you agree? Do you think President Bush will pardon Libby or that he should? Remember, US Presidents nearing the end of their terms have a tradition of pardoning their pals . . .the list here is longer than I thought.

Child's Play
As sad story from the UK. It seems parents these days are too afraid to let children go out to play freely. I certainly had a free run of the village I grew up in complete with surrounding woods and fields. We used to cycle 12 miles to a nearby waterfall too . . . without helmets on! How unsupervised was your childhood? Did you wander at will or were you cooped up inside? If you have children I'm wondering if you allow them outside unsupervised today?

Republican debate
Did you watch the Republican debate last night? Here's what Republicans thought of it. Democratic commentators pointed out how the candidates tried to distance themselves from Dubya. If you're on the fence for the 2008 election then I'm wondering if last night's debate swayed you one way or the other? Who do you think came out on top? How did the candidates compare to the Democratic debaters from Sunday night?

Mitt, Good response....why are we still trying to figure out whether going to Iraq was right or wrong. It is history; let’s move on.

This refers to Mitt Romney in the Republican Presidential debate and was posted by TomGuy on freerepublic.com. Do you agree? Here's what a poster on huffingtonpost.com thinks:

what a truly pathetic lineup of outdated men in suits. black and white men in a technicolour world.leaders? thinkers? statesmen? philosophers? men of the people? we know you exist in America, are you going to let these schlubs continue to act in your name?

What's in a name
Muhammad is the No 2. name in Britain according to the Times. What does this say about demographics in Britain?

Brutal mistreatment of French captives
No, not French prisoners in Guantanamo but the sad plight of French exchange students in Britain forced to eat sub-standard food, get up early and shower with quelle horreur, a hosepipe. Have you ever had a French person stay with you? Did they demand foie gras and brochettes de crevettes?


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