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Good Morning

Paul Coletti | 09:35 UK time, Thursday, 21 June 2007

Welcome to the time of day when we want, on a dry news day, to hear what your talking points are. As ever you can e-Mail us on worldhaveyoursay@bbc.co.uk. Read on for some early suggestions . . .

TB in the ME
How do you rate Tony Blair's chances of making it as a middle east envoy? President Bush has suggested that the soon to be former British Prime Minister takes up a role as envoy between Western governments and the middle east? Has Blair got what it takes?

Aboriginal ban
Australia's PM John Howard says he will ban the "Sale, possession and consumption of alcohol across the Northern Territory." This is to stop the widespread abuse of children by the aboriginal community. The ban also applies to pornography. Is this a rationale response or do you feel this is ethnic sterotyping?

Salman Rushdie
Ambassadors are being summoned and the odd flag has been burnt but thankfully it's still reasonably peaceful . . . some people are still angry that Salman Rushdie received a knighthood in the British honours system. British Home Secretary John Reid said: "“We have a set of values that accrues people honours for their contribution to literature even when they don’t agree with our point of view.” We touched on this topic earlier in the week . . . do you think it's worth revisiting?

Cologne's Mega Mosque
Citizens in Cologne are unhappy with a Germany's biggest mosque being built in the city which is home to the country's most famous cathedral.

Talkin' Thompson
In a big interview with a British newspaper the American lawyer and well-known actor, Fred Thompson, gives his biggest hint yet he'll run for the Republican nomination. An American actor as president . . . . sounds familiar? Do you think he can do it?

A song for Hillary
Celine Dion's 'You and I' wins Hillary's song contest. Are you happy with it? One critic says of the song: "Dion dispenses a joyful romp from the mic, sounding fresh and fully at ease, and she riffs just enough to stamp the song with a telltale trademark or two." Will the Celine magic rub off onto Hillary?

Dikembe Mutombo
The 40-year-old big man of NBA has been inducted into the sports humanitarian hall of fame. As a Congolese Bantu he speaks out on African issues a lot and works with the Basketball Without Borders initiative especially in the USA. Do you think more sports stars should be doing the same?

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