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Gaza, Obama Girl and the local hero Cyril

Fiona Crack | 10:31 UK time, Friday, 15 June 2007

Hamas has taken full control of Gaza and the situation still tops the news. On World Have Your Say on Wednesday we heard from people in the Gaza Strip yesterday we did our whole programme on the issue, we asked - Is this the end of the dream of an independent Palestinian state? And what can the rest of the world do about it? We spoke to representatives of Fatah and Hamas and from Jerusalem, Egypt, and the US.

Is the world still talking about it? Do you want to hear from the West Bank? The fleeing refugees?

In other news, the most viewed Youtube video today is "Obama Girl". It's a steamy pop video called I've Got a Crush ... on Obama. The R'n'B song about thee US American presidential candidate was released a few days ago and mixes politics and sex in it's lyrics - here's a taster….

"You're into border security,
Let's break this border between you and me.
Universal health care reform,
it makes me warm."

I'm wondering if really secretly you like voting for good-looking politicians. Surely it can't be a hindrance to be lush in the public eye? Does everyone say it doesn't matter but really we we know it does?

It's a couple of weeks since Hillary asked you-tubers to pick her campaign song. Has Youtube changed the rules of the game? Has the debate been passed on to new generation?

We've tried for a couple of days to talk to Cyril Ebie a Cameroonian, who saved his younger sister from female circumcision by running away with her to the nearest town for nine months. In so doing Cyril managed to convince his entire village Mbemi, that Female Genital Mutilation should not be practiced.

We're hoping he'll come on the programme today

Pippop from the UK emailed us in response to our plan to talk about female genital mutilation she said

"We should bring him here to the UK he could teach the lily livered Home Office a thing or two. We have in this 21st century so called modern liberal democracy an increasing number of little girls who are mutilated in this way. These girls are British citizens and we do NOTHING to put a stop to this practice. There is a gaol sentence of 14yrs for anyone carrying out this abomination either on a the child here or if she is taken abroad to have it done, but there has not been ONE single attempt to convict. We cannot smack white British children, but if they are black girls we can with impunity remove their genitals, or if they are Asian young women we can stand back while they are 'honourably' killed. Racism is alive and thriving just as long as it's only practice on females. This has been allowed to happen because we are too afraid of being called racist. The ethnic patriarchs have hijacked the anti racist agenda and been allowed to use it as a cover for ritual gender violence. We are seriously letting down young black and Asian girls and women by allowing this violence to go undressed. The human rights of females should be at the top of the citizens "How to be British" agenda, chanted, until learned and digested by everyone who comes to this country thinking they can continue with there gender fascist rituals. Zero tolerance with regard to abusing the Human Rights of the female. Start now by bringing Cyril Ebie here and giving him John Reid's job at the Home Office, asap. No more British girls san their genitals, no more dead British Asian girls. Lets rid our so called liberal democracy of gender fascist violence. "

I've asked her if she wants to come on the programme and talk to Cyril - she does - so hopefully we'll hear from her too.

And what about, the town in the US that has banned baggy trousers? Should young people pull their pants up? It's part of the hip-hop "uniform", so is banning it racist? Do you want to hear from the mayor who is rather pleased with himself that he came up with the idea. And more generally is there a crackdown on young people in the south of the states? Only a couple of days a mother landed herself a jail sentence for serving alcohol at her teenage son's party. Is it time we gave young people a break?

More news of kidnapping in Egypt, following the media crackdown. Our friend and blogger Sandmonkey has stopped blogging, he fears for his safety….

And the former Ku Klux Klansman James Ford Seale has been convicted of the deaths of two black teenagers in 1964. Can belated justice help heal the wounds of racial hatred?

And we've been asking for a couple of days for your thoughts on the boycott of Israeli academic institutions. Is today the day to talk about it?

And yesterday we got a letter from Ali Aladimi, a prisoner in Kentuky, he wanted to get a message to Alan Johnston, our colleague abducted in Gaza. Today, we'll be reading it out. We hope Alan will be listening.


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