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Win a life-saving kidney

Fiona Crack | 09:29 UK time, Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Not on World Have Your Say, but on a new TV show in the Netherlands.

Three competitors will take time out of dialysis to try to win a donor kidney from a dying woman for a reality TV show. Big Brother makers Endemol will show the programme on Friday despite politicians calling it "wretched".

Is it a good way to highlight the donor organ shortage? Or just morbid entertainment? Will you watch it?

Maybe it's a day to bash TV Producers but what about the row over the photos of Princess Di ?. Channel 4 in the UK will show a film featuring pictures taken by the paparazzi of Princess Diana dying.

Should they be shown? If not, why not?

Moving from TV to the web, I'm wondering what you think of the Hillary Clinton video on Youtube. She's asking Youtube-ers to pick her campaign song. Since I've been reading it, I've been humming (badly) KT Tunstall's "Suddenly I see" presently the number one choice.

Do you have a suggestion? It's not the first time Hillary has used YouTube. Is it a good idea? Politically astute or a transparent marketing ploy? You've been telling us on the website.

My computer is grindingly slow.....but are you talking about the Iran talks, the transgender marriage in Pakistan, the gay men only bar in Australia, (did you notice they said "hen parties ogled men like animals", did I miss the point of bachelorette parties, is this not what they are for?). So what do you think of these ideas - any good? If not, please tell me what's getting everyone exercised where you are.


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