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Why would anyone want to go and work in Iraq?

Richard Bowen | 11:07 UK time, Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Struggling to find a decent line in any of the stories I've read this morning I phoned x70635 (my office extension) hoping to find salvation. Instead I found my newest colleague and friend (my word not hers) Vicki. Well, I thought, she'll do (just kidding Vick!!) I then asked her what we should be talking about today and she said, "the recent abductions in Iraq, and we should be asking, why would anyone want to go and work in Iraq?"

So there you are, i've asked it. What do you make of this story?...

Do find it surprising that anyone would take up work in Iraq who didn't already live there? Have you worked there before, if so, what made you go?

Here are a few other things knocking around today. As the parents of the abducted british girl, Madeline McCann, make their way to Rome for an audience with the Pope some are asking whether there's been too much coverage of this case in the media. This is a question the BBC itself answered last week and one being debated on this yahoo forum . What do you think? Is too much being made of this little girls disappearance, or should every thing possible be done to keep her story in the public eye until she's found? Is the search for Madeline detracting from the search for other missing children?

The menace of the internet. Sitting on the ever delayed tube this morning i read a story about Allison Stokke who, after posting a video on YouTube about how to improve your pole vaulting technique, received so much unwanted attention she doesn't leave the house alone, she employs a media advisor to fend off requests for photographs and she has her dad checking websites for potential stalkers (just one google search of her name shows how much attention there is). We've done stories like this before on WHYS most recently about the blogger Kathy Sierra but what do you make of this new one? Do you sympathise? Should more be done to police the internet, or if you post online should you accept the risks that go with it?


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