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Uganda Part 1

| 17:16 UK time, Monday, 21 May 2007

Ros, Richard, David, Vicky and Michael are in Kampala for tonight's show. They will be broadcasting from the home of Issa, a WHYS listener who lives about 20 miles from the centre of Kampala.

There's plenty to discuss today. Some of our guests in Uganda are concerned about plans by Indian company Mehta to spread their production of sugar cane into northern Uganda - which would involve losing much of the Mabira Forest. An advisor to Uganda's President Musevani, says the debate about the environment is bigger than the Mabira Forest, but the eleven thousand people who have signed this petition don't agree.

We'll be asking if progress should ever come at the expense of the environment, and will be hearing from other parts of the world on the subject....

We will be hearing more messages of support for Alan Johnston. Alan Yentob, the BBC's Director of Drama, Entertainment and Children, paid tribute to his namesake at British television's version of the Oscar's last night. We'll be hearing from him on the show today.

Beatrice is talking about the TV evangelist Benny Hinn, who is currently in Uganda, and has attracted audiences of over 40,000 - two nights in a row!

Ken in Cleveland says:

I know of Benny Hinn and like all American televangelists, he's nothing more than an overpaid "snake oil salesman". If Mr. Hinn would worry less about his fancy clothes, large salary and elaborate television sets, he might actually resemble a Christian. I feel sorry for anyone that gets duped by his sideshow antics.

Justin in America, says:

Benny Hinn is nothing more than a farse. He, and our president are brothers...

On to the environment now, here's Lubna in Baghdad:

Hi WHYS, hi Africa. The enviroment in iraq is already severely damaged, but idleness in iraq is so significant that many iraqis won't mind of destroying anything even the enviroment in order to get new jobs.

Peter Machar in KAMPALA.
A.U are talking of sending troop to Somalia, and people are dieing of huger, disese. What are they going to help for?

Richard from Accra.
What is the state of AIDS prevalence in Uganda?

I am Agaba from Uganda.
About somalia what is the west doing about govenance in Somalia? We need peace there to prevent al qaida from taking advantage.


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