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Tuesday night LIVE!!!

| 17:41 UK time, Tuesday, 8 May 2007

As Ros wrote earlier, today we're asking if exam papers are being sold in your country, following a suggestion from a listener in Liberia. We'll also be talking to Oscar Pestorius, the South African athlete who'd like to be able to race against the world's fastest able-bodied athletes... But athletics' ruling body the IAAF has said no.

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Exam malpractice's not new. In Nigeria, it's almost expected durin every exam. i've some personal experiences though i'v neva been involved.

Lubna, Baghdad
Hi guys, Lubna in Baghdad, in some districts, some students threaten teachers to let them cheat in final exams, some teachers were even killed or wounded!

Jacob, Tanzania
The practice is very common. Problem is: how to tell genuine from fake exams.

Here are more of your messages of support for Alan Johnston:

John in Berlin
I listened for years to the BBC and Alan Johnston. It came as a shock to realise that he was the only western journalist based in Gaza, and indeed, since his disappearence, the news from there is more sporadic, with less depth. People like Alan are the antidote to the kind of society offered by his enemies.

Sayed, Bamayan, Afghanistan
There is no justified reason for keeping Alan this long. I am calling for his immediate release from a country where there is no respect for the lives of Journalists who are only the voice of the people.

Mirta in Oude Tonge, Holland
Dear Alan, it has been 8 weeks since you have been taken. I hope you feel the force and energy we are sending you everyday> I have you in my prayers, I hope you come back soon. Be strong.

Heather - UK
The only way that we will ever understand each other is when special people like Alan ensure that the world can hear the voice of the individual. Please send him back safely.

Dickens - Kampala says
Allan, no one can sincerely say "know what you're going through" but our hope in the fact that you've shown noblity amidst adversity in the middle East. Draw your strength that the world over feels for you; from the child in the streets of gaza to dusty streets of Kampala where we only know you from your TV anchoring. We pray and stand with you. we'll soon see you on the streets back at it again.

Anita in Cambridgeshire
I am so sorry that Alan Johnston's kidnappers have subjected him and his family to this terror....His is a voice that shouldn't be silenced like this, and the government and the people must do everything in their power to secure his immediate release. Alan, good luck, and God Bless!


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