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Paul Coletti | 17:51 UK time, Wednesday, 9 May 2007

We're off air now . . . read on for a summary of comments and points.

John is giving us an overview of his new work: The War on Democracy. . .

"It's asking people, particularly in the West, to think differently. I wasn't able to make this fil until now. There was no interest until now. There are movements that have started to give meaning to the word democracy."

We're hearing now some comments from folks in Alan's old school town of Dollar in Central Scotland, hometown of Dollar Academy.

Miranda is on air: "We've got 52 people dying in the streets."

John: "I sympathise. Crime is a terrible problem. It's indicative of an economically polarised society."

Nelson is in Venezeula: "People are starving every day here."

John: "To call Chavez a dictator is ridiculous when Chavez holds the world record in democratic conclusions."

Nelson: "We have freedom of speech. That's a lie. They shut down the TV cos they do not back Chavez."

JP: "These are fabulous exaggerations. one station is being told it cannot have its terrestrial license. This station may well have been implicated in the coup against the president."

Tim Worstall: "John has never really met a socialist he didn't like. Why does he like the idea of a 19th century solution being imposed on Latin America."

JP: "I've never described Lat Am as socialist. The government in Venezuela is a social democracy. Venezuela has a neo-liberal society."

JP: "Iran is interesting. It's a repressive society. Its people do not deserve to be attacked and killed."

Bruce in Atlanta: "How can you call Venezuela a democracy....?"

JP: "It is a popular democracy. All Venezuelans presidents use signing statements or the veto. Power is not concetrated in Chavez's hands in the way it is often characterised. I've seen it on the ground the political sense of where the people want their country to go."

Some texts are coming in:

"Hi BBC this guy u got on air is a beacon of light thanks for bringing him to the show"

"I would understand suporting 90 % of the insurgency in iraq except al qaeda in iraq,they are terrorists the mther groups are like the resistance of WW2"


"How would you characterize the relationship between Israel and the US? And would u describe the refusal of America to recognise the democratically elected governt of Palestine as part of US's was on democracy?"
Hisham in France.

"John, I admire your work for your brutal honesty and exposing the lies we fed. Your documentaries are always an eye opener. I'm training to be a journalist and your work is inspirational. Keep it up."
Regards, Hodan (London)

"One of the main hatred about usa that it didnt acknowledge independence of many latin american countries."
Bobur - USA Nashville


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