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Live from Nairobi

| 17:43 UK time, Thursday, 24 May 2007

Ros sent his thoughts from Nairobi earlier (quite a lot of information about storks if you're interested) and now we're hearing from our friends and listeners in Nairobi.

You can read emails and text messages here, and of course post your own comments as well.

We've been welcomed by regular listener Pat and Joe, and heard the thoughts of Rose, who e-mailed WHYS to say she is sick of the manners of African men. Some rather umpleasant examples being shared, like this one that has just come in via SMS from Andy in Madagascar::

Well, here in Madagascar people not only spit and pee in the street but make a big poop as well, we african need to evolve a bit, don't we?

Let's move swiftly on!!

We're hearing about the Mungiki sect who have been accused of beheading six people in Kenya.

With regards to these type of groups does the Mau Mau group still exist in Kenya and are they prominent?

asks Timo in Paraguay...

The newspapers are full of news of Robert Mugabe's visit, so we're asking if he should have been allowed to go to Kenya, and if he is a hero or a villain. You can find some of these messages below.

And now some messages of support for our captured BBC colleague Alan Johnston, from Les Snowdon, Editor of Scotland on Sunday and Scott Campbell, reporter for the Dunoon Observer.

Our regular listener Pat is a pineapple seller in Nairobi. She is telling us how difficult it is to start a business as a woman in Africa, as women are less likely to be given loans by the bank.

I think in most banks especially in East africa, you have to prove you actually dont need a loan before you get one. How are women risky? Aren't men risky?


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