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Here's what some of you would like to talk about today

| 09:10 UK time, Friday, 11 May 2007

Morning All,

After a busy day discussing the departure of Tony Blair yesterday, I've checked our inboxes for e-mails not related to the topic and have come across three story suggestions for today's programme.

The first is from one of our loyal listeners in Portland, Oregon. A US citizen married to an illegal immigrant...

Most people have no idea of the insane process required in order to get legal status for the noncitizen spouse. It is a nightmare! We started the process in September and have to go through reams of paperwork before eventually having an appointment in la Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. They will deny my husband from returning to the US at that appointment. He will have to stay in Mexico for 7-10 months while our waiver petition is reviewed. They are granting less and less of these petitions (right now they are denying 25%, but that is increasing). Also, the American Citizen is highly discouraged from living in Mexico during that time... It is as if they are intentionally splitting up families. I am very fearful about this separation.

Does this story sound familiar to you? Have you been parted from loved one because of a visa problem? Or do you have no sympathy for people in this situation? Send us your thoughts and perhaps we can discuss them on air later.

Dwight would like us to shed light on the case of Samar Saed Abdullah. She's a 25 year old Iraqi woman who sits on death row because she was found guilty of killing three of her relatives. Samar says her husband is responsible for the deaths, and that she was tortured into giving a confession. The trial lasted just one day.

Dwight asks:

Do Iraqis know of this case? Is this not the kind of law and government that the US and UK invaded in order to get rid of.

And thanks to Caitlin, also from Portland who sent in this suggestion:

This subject came to me since I'm celebrating my first Mothers Day soon: What do folks (especially mothers) think about sleeping with their babies in the parents' bed versus a crib? I suppose that cribs are rather modern additions to baby-raising, and perhaps more common in large, affluent American homes. Our baby sleeps with us now, after a tiresome trial at sleeping alone, but I'm reluctant to admit this to my Doctor, other Moms, etc. I'd welcome a conversation on this topic with people outside the US...

Let's hear from all you parents out there!

Also in the news

Michael Moore
Controversial film-maker Michael Moore is being investigated for breaking the US trade embargo with Cuba. Moore took 10 New York rescue workers - believed to be suffering from conditions linked to their work clearing up debris from the World Trade Centre - to Cuba for medical treatment. It was for a film called Sicko, which examines America's health care industry, which happens to be screening at the Cannes Film Festival next week. So is this just a shameless publicity stunt for Moore? Judging by the amount of people writing about it on the internet, it's certainly worked if it is. What do you think of Michael Moore, his films, and the tactics he uses?

BBC journalist Mike Thompson has just returned from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and has some horrific reports of life there. More than 50,000 people are said to have fled their homes in the last month alone...

200,000 people here now need food aid and 1,000 across the east are estimated to be dying of conflict related diseases every single day. This is supposed to be a country at peace.

Perhaps we could invite Mike into the studio and put some questions to him, and try and talk to some people to tell us first hand about their lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

John Howard
The Australian Prime Minister is trying to persuade the International Cricket Council to take action against Zimbabwe. He doesn't want the one day series in Zimbabwe in September to take place, but faces a $2 million fine if he pulls the team out.

I am jammed between my distaste for the government getting involved in something like this and my even greater distaste for giving a propaganda victory to Robert Mugabe

Do you agree with Howard's reluctance to allow Australia to play in Zimbabawe? Does it involve him? We've seen a similar debate before - would you like to discuss it today?


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