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Good Morning

Paul Coletti | 08:48 UK time, Monday, 28 May 2007

WHYS settles into normal mode again after the heady past two weeks in Africa. Today we have a Danish female Muslim politician on the show: Asmaa Abdul Hamid. Click here to find out more about her.

What other stories are getting you talking? Right now the most read story on the BBC's website is FIFA banning high-altitude football because of 'competition distortion'. Is this a talking point . . . ?

A listener e-Mails . . .
As ever we use the worldhaveyoursay@bbc.co.uk
mailbox as a source for story topics. Quophi in Ghjana sent us this . . . .

Hello, I think that Hamas should be stopped! It rather unfortunate that US and UK are not getting too involved in this issue. US and UK should put all resource at their disposal to solving the problem in Gaza. Hamas cannot be allowed to continue doing what it think is good for them. Except Bush and his Cousin's nation, Britian is not interested in restoring sanity in Lebanon. Regards Quophi

Let us know what you think.

Two countries separated by years of war and one letter. Can Iran help Iraq get better? The US is sitting down to talk to Iran for the first time in an eon - talks are underway as I write in the Iraqi PM's house. We've asked this before on WHYS, but do you think Iranian/US talks can help alleviate the security situation in Iraq or are you with former Defence Secretary Rumsfeld who said that "Iran could at least stop not helping." Or do you think the envoys at this meeting are so low level that nothing can come of it?

The History Channel
Radio Caracas TV (RCTV) is finally closed in Venezuela. The station fell out of favour with Hugo Chavez when it supported the opposition during an attempted coup against the Venezeulan president; he says it broadcasted "immoral" programmes. Listener Nelson posted about this on our site here and a few weeks ago on WHYS international journalist John Pilger suggested that this was entirely normal and that if the BBC ever supported a coup against the Blair government then it too could expect to be closed. Are you with John on this or do you think Chavez is restricting free speech?

Gays in Russia, Witches in Scotland
Ugly scenes on Moscow's streets as police clashed with anti-gay protestors, pro-gay protestors and a few bystanders it seems. I'm watching the scenes on CNN right now and former British popstar Richard Fairbrass (of Right Said Fred) is plainly worried about the feelings of anger directed towards him. Someone has just hit him on the head . . . not nice. Do you think the Russian authorities have to do more to protect gays or are you with the first person to post on the comments section of the above link: 'Discretion is the better part of valour here.'?

On a related note, Christians in Edinburgh are annoyed that a university has allowed Pagan rituals but has prevented them from debating the 'dangers' of homosexuality.

UK Terror Laws
New anti-terror proposals in the UK mean police no longer need good grounds for suspicion to stop and question someone. This sort of police power is normal in some countries so I'm wondering what you, Dear Listener, make of this? Should we Brits stand up to these plans or are they another useful weapon in the fight against crime?

Song for Hillary
This is Fiona gatecrashing Paul's blog to find out if anyone wants to talk about "YouTube-ers" picking Hillary Clinton's campaign song. The top five songs are:

Suddenly I see, KT Tunstall
Rock This Country, Shania Twain
Beautiful Day, U2
Get Ready, Temptations
I'm a Believer, Smash Mouth

What would be your suggestion? How do you feel about politicans seeking advice of their public on file-sharing sites?


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