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Friday, and farewell to Africa

| 09:36 UK time, Friday, 25 May 2007

Good Morning from West London.

I'm sure Ros and the team in Kenya will be blogging their thoughts ahead of the final programme from World Have Your Say's trip to Africa soon. In the meantime, I've been having a look at the stories making the headlines around the world.

There's only one thing on my mind today - and that's my trip to the brand new Wembley stadium tomorrow to watch my home town football team, Shrewsbury Town, fight for promotion. The first game at Wembley, last weekend's FA Cup final between the two top teams in the Premiership, was a sleep inducing disappointment. Let's see if the teams three leagues down can do a better job!

World Have Your Say's final broadcast from Africa, is from the African Radio Awards at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi. Ros will be joined by the usual mix of guests in a bar close to the ceremony. We don't know what we'll be discussing yet, but if you have any suggestions, e-mail worldhaveyoursay@bbc.co.uk, or post a comment on this blog.

Today is Africa Unity Day - celebrating the day in 1963 when 32 independent African countries came together to form the Organization of African Unity. There's a number of events taking place, from the arts, to sport, and politicians and business heads will be commemorating the freedom of African States from their colonial masters.

Who are the African revolutionaries that are paid tribute to today? What has Africa achieved in this time, and how is it seen by the rest of the world?

Couaovi Apan Johnson, secretary to the African Union Commission, says:

We have a strong partnership with European Union. But we believe that this partnership is not yet what it should be...All our members have agreed that the ultimate goal of the African Union is the United States of Africa. But the debate in Africa now is how and when to get there

Voice of Zimbabwe, a short wave radio station expected to launch today. It's aimed at what the government sees as "hostile foreign propaganda".

This article is very interesting - a two day seminar has ended in Nairobi, to discuss a Media Bill which threatens to impact on the freedom of journalists. A spokesman from a media organisation said:

"The Government must not impose its code on the media; for that could be abused by politicians"

I'm sure there will be plenty of people at the Radio Awards who could discuss press freedom in Africa.

In non-African related news, Big Brother in Australia has knocked the UK version of the reality TV show off the front pages. A female contestant is still in the house, despite the fact her father died last week. The producers haven't told Emma Cornwell the news, and say they are just following her family's wishes. Join the debate here.


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