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France and "New Atheism"

| 17:50 UK time, Monday, 7 May 2007

As Ros wrote earlier, today we're hearing reaction on the election of Nicolas Sarkozy as the French President, and asking if atheism has become more extreme than many of the religions it criticises.

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Geoff in France
I was hoping for a different outcome, but as a democrat i accept the voice of the people, but will remain vigilant while he proves himself - one way or another.

Hi guys, Lubna in iraq
Sarcozy must realise that whatever his previous political stands were, he's now the president of France, so a president must unit his people, all of them, even immigrants.

Alan Johnston
As we've done every programme since Alan disappeared, we're going to hear the messages you continue to send for him...

Polly & Mel Sharman, Auckland, New Zealand
We wish Allan a safe and speedy release and hope that his captors will quickly realise the utter futility of their action.

Fatima, Beirut, Lebanon
I can't speak english, i'm an arabic woman from Lebanon. But i just will say i hope and pray for a safe and speedy release for Alan Johnston. I pray for you, Alan,you are a brave and good journalist. May God bless you.

Linda and family, Stockport, Cheshire
our thoughts are with alan and hope he will be found and released unharmed back to is family and friends.

We're hearing from Terry Waite - former envoy for the Archbishop of Canterbury who was held in captivity for five years.



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