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Wednesday Morning It's Nine O'Clock ...

Paul Coletti | 08:55 UK time, Wednesday, 4 April 2007

. . . and as the day begins I read a story that I brought up several months ago on one of WHYS's meetings: teacher rating sites like this are drawing the ire of the authorities here in the UK. The idea got biffed back then. Will it get biffed today? Well, there are dear reader, more important things around . . . read on and as ever, if there's a hot talking point where you are please email us on worldhaveyoursay@bbc.co.uk.

Olmert’s Invite Goes Unanswered.
The Israeli leader asked Arab leaders to a summit following the Saudi plan which he himself described as "revolutionary". His invite has not been RSVP’d to say the least but is this an indication of Olmert’s weakness inside Israel, Arab intransigence or just an all-round fed-up-can’t-take-it-any-more attitude to the ongoing tensions in the middle-east?

Technorati is 4.
The google of the blog world is four-years-old today. In March they exceeded 9 million unique visitors. Is Technorati the next global media behemoth? It's founder, in this anniversary article, seems to think so. Do you use Technorati? Do you rate it? Hey, maybe we need a ratemyblogratingsite.com?


Preach or Teach?
A Texas man wants the Bible to be classed as a textbook not a book of worship in schools. Is this a subtle attempt at a bit of preaching or just plain good sense?

What's happening in Nigeria?
one of the great things about working in the BBC World Service is that you learn a lot about Africa. Its politics are a never-ending source of delight, surprise and confusion. In Nigeria there is some doubt as to whether Vice-President Atiku Abubakar can run in April's poll. This all stems from a falling out between the Veep and his boss President Olusegun Obasanjo. If you're in Nigeria let us know what you think.

British sailors in Iran.
There appears to be a slight glimmer of a breakthrough in the crisis over the captured British sailors in Iran. Are you hopeful? Do you want to see a tougher line from the UK or a more conciliatory line from Iran?

Beware the Ultras.
Manchester United fans travelling to Rome have been told to watch out for hooligans: "there is a real danger of being attacked by the 'Ultra' fans of AS Roma." Rome's mayor isn't happy. Have you been to Rome? Did you have a run-in with the hardmen? Let us know if it's really that bad.

Pentagon Purse Strings.
The stand-off between President Bush and Congress over the war spending bill is threatening to hit troops where it hurts: equipment. Is this the job of a responsible Congress or should they just hurry up and pass the bill (so that Dubya can veto it)? The US army reckons the bill won't be passed before the end of April. If you're in the military let us know what you think of this further delay.

Keith Snorts Dad.
Not a headline you would normally expect to see on the World Service but the legendary Stones hellraiser has confessed to ingesting his own father in a drugs binge. It's what he would have wanted . . .

. . . and finally: I Name This Baby Metallica
A while ago on WHYS we talked about a baby in Germany called Jihad. Well those crazy northern Europeans, our lovely neighbours the Swedes, have taken it to a new level with a couple in Goteborg wanting to name their baby after the legendary California metallers Metallica. Speaking as someone whose middle name is Simon I am always ready to defend those named after famous music stars but Metallica Tomaro sounds a bit lame . . . Now Cradle of Filth Tomaro has a certain ring to it. Is this the nanny state gone mad?


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