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Thursday's talking points

| 09:16 UK time, Thursday, 19 April 2007

The shootings in Virginia still dominate the global headlines, whilst the campus grieves, footage of the killer he himself posted to news network NBC has come to light.

It's also becoming clear there were a number of warning signs Cho Seung-Hui was a potential danger, and that his mental health problems weren't dealt with sufficiently. This blogger goes into some detail. Here's some other stories you might want to hear about today.

On Monday, we'll be taking World Have Your Say to a Nigerian restaurant in North London to discuss the results of the weekend's election. If it actually goes ahead. 18 opposition parties want the election to be postponed, saying the election commission is biased in favour of the ruling party. They're discussing whether or not to boycott the election, Nigerian Information Minister Frank Nweke has issued a statement saying they will go ahead on Saturday. More than 30 people were killed this week when when armed Islamists seized a police station near Kano. Plenty to talk about here, our phones were lighting up with calls from Nigeria yesterday, so plenty of people to talk to...

Three people who worked at a bible publishing house in Turkey were killed yesterday. One news report said the suspects carried notes indicating their motive was right-wing nationalism. Turkey's attitude towards religious and ethnic minorities has been a point of concern for Western government's when discussing the countries membership into the EU. BBC News online story is asking for people's experiences of living in Turkey. It's had a large response which I'll look through now and see if there are any good talking points for the programme.

Many thanks to listener Gary who e-mailed Ros with this suggestion yesterday:

Ros, I'm at a sort of ground zero in an important struggle. Several months ago, it came to people's attention that some Somali Muslim cab drivers wouldn't pick up people at the international airport if they were carrying alcohol. We also learned that they wouldn't pick up blind people if they had a seeing eye dog.

A Muslim scholar said that the cabbies were simply acting out their religion. A local reporter actually interviewed some Somali Muslim cabbies. They told this reporter that transporting people wasn't a big deal in terms of them practicing their religion.

Monday, the Minneapolis Metropolitan Airport Commission voted to suspend the licenses of any cabbies that refuse to give rides to people in these situations. In researching my article, I found an article that should get everyone's attention. It's about the Muslim Brotherhood's long range plan for building their caliphate.

It's a conversation that needs to be started.

Do you agree?

John Howard has another immigration policy idea, which I think may be the result of watching too many reality TV shows. Asylum swap will see Australia and the United States swapping up to 200 asylum seekers every year. It's aimed at deterring would-be refugees by preventing them from reaching their destination of choice. A phone vote will then decide.....sorry, no that's not true, have a read of the plan here, and some debate about it here, and see what you think of it. A talking point for today?

"It will be a milestone in the common history of two Slavic nations". That's the words of Poland soccer federation president Michal Listkiewicz, announcing that Poland and the Ukraine will host European championship in 2012. It's the first time the eastern bloc of Europe has been chosen to host the tournament since the late 70's. Is this something you'd like to hear more about today?


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