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Thursday night LIVE

Fiona Crack | 17:50 UK time, Thursday, 5 April 2007

Tonight on World Have Your Say our listeners across the World will be telling us who they think won the statemale situation between Iran and the UK. Was the release of the prisoners a gift, was a deal done and should Tony Blair have said "thank you" to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Then we'll hear your views on whether adultery should be legal and who was to blame for the violence between Manchester United and AS Roma fans. There's lots to talk about.

You can read your texts and emails here and add your own to our blog.

Your thoughts on the freed British sailors

Al in Jamaica
Blair:"We have managed to secure the release..." Now this sounds like some form of negotiation did actually happen behind the scenes.

Kiru in Jamaica
There is a slight opening now for constructive talks with Iran, but I think as long as BUSH is in power, that door will soon close.

William in Liberia
Bravo to the Iranian government for releasing those 15 royal navy personnel.

Bello in Nigeria
The Iran President, your action against releasing UK Navy Crew is good, you show the world you need peace.

Dan in Malawi
Iran acted in bad faith by holding hostage the British sailors and marines. There was no cause for that action, hence the unconditional release.

The president of Iran did good to hold those disrespectful Brits who trespassed on Iranian waters. He was astute, too, to let them go in such a way

Mick in Vienna
The British Service people 'in' Iran story is a pure good news story and can only bring positivity between Iran & UK. Let's smile today!

Ahmed in Freetown
It is good that these sailors released, and I believe that this is a sign of Good Will by the Iranian authorities. More to be done about the nuclear issue

Okon, Nigeria
Why doesn't Tony Blair simply say thank you to the Iranians instead of trying to stress the fact that no negotiation was made.

And many of you are having problems posting a comment on the blog. If you are send us an email direct and I'll try and post it up here.

Your emails coming in...

Jason / Wisconsin
I call this a tie. Both sides gained immensely with the exception of the US losing some face. Iran gained the appearance of a benign mentor to the rest of the middle east. Many countries in the middle east have been worried about their increasing influence. Britain gained by showing that retraint backed up with subtle threats works. The US lost huge. The highlighting of Gitmo and the idea has been firmly planted that if these were Americans that they took the outcome would have been mushroom clouds. America is more likely to be hesitant about any attacks on Iran now.

Ayleen in Portland, US
Laws should be the same for women as for men. I can't believe people are so backwards as to think there should be a difference. I do not think there should be laws about adultery. That's a personal issue between a husband and a wide and the government doesn't need to get involved.

Paul in Warren in the US
What if the British sailors were collecting intelligence? Is someone saying that you can not collect intel and still be in your own water also. Just because they may have been collecting intel does not mean they were in Iranian waters which is were the dispute is.

AJ in New York, US
Wrong? The Brits showed strength through restraint. US' answer would have been measured in kilotons.

Ken in Cleveland, US
I'm proud that Britain had courage and resolve to avoid conflict with Iran. I see this as a victory for both countries. Thank god your leaders didn't listen to ours. My best to all 15 sailors and their families!

C.W. In Poland
The Iranians are very cunning in their relations with the West, all said
- they've learned how to "wag the dog" over time and do it well...

Joe in New York, US
The only thing this crisis showed was the lack of communication and confusion over interests that exists among the leaders of Iran and between the foreign policy leaders of both the west and Iran. This sort of confusion can only lead to escalation when their is more at stake.

Hamid in Michigan, US
I cannot believe that the Iranians actually were in the "Iraqi waters" as the British government claims. In my point of view, there is no way that Iran can invade the Iraqi water with all these (British and US) vessels deployed in the Iraqi terretorial waters.

Matt in US emails:
Regarding the "hard line" approach suggested by many Americans. I would suggest that it is in fact the hard line approach of the US, and the British alliance with the US that has created this situation. Despite the belligerence of Ahmedinejad and the general distrust of Blair, both have benefited from this crisis.

And we're moving on to adultery. Should it be legal?

Ferdinand in Uganda, texts
The supreme court in Uganda has given a landmark ruling the succession act has been so biased against women

Bobur in Nashville,TN, texts
In the society where man and woman have equal rights, adultery should be an illegal action against the law. Besides, it's a sin! .

Ferdinand in Uganda texts
In the society where man and woman has an equal rights, adultery should be an illegal action against the law. Besides, it's the supreme court in Uganda has given a landmark ruling the succession act has been so biased against women.

Shivesh in Nepal texts
I don't think there should be legality of adultery in marriage. If both partners want it why stay in marriage and if against it what's need for law?

Randall emails:
Adultery should never be something that the State or Church has anything to do with. This is only a form of control over ones body and should be protected under a countries constitution.

Charles writes:
The Ugandan law on adultery is a shame and a slap on the face of natural justice, equity and good conscience…It is demeaning to the dignity and worth of the human person.

Bryce in Portland, US writes:
Just because something is a law doesn't mean people will follow it, look at drug laws around the world. It would be amazingly difficult to bring valid evidence to the courts to prove it in most cases and would just clog up the courts with jealous lovers.

Sheri in Oregon, US writes:
This should not be done But my question is what do they propose the punishment? if women have been killed for it and not me then that is wrong.

Tony in Portland, US writes:The unpleasant fact is that there has always been adultery and there will always be adultery, regardless of legislation. The only things accomplished by making it illegal is to burden the justice system and to unnecessarily create larger numbers of criminals.

John in Cleveland, US writes:

I've heard that under Islam this law is twisted to punish women who are raped. Instead of punishing the men for the rape, they punish the women for adultery.

Nicole in Texas, US writes:
I believe as well that the law should stay out of the bedroom. When there are hunger, disease and poverty in this world, why are we wasting time debating whether or not heartbreak should be circumvented by the law?

Paul in Jamaica writes:
Listening to the reasons given for not having Laws against adultery is not rationally sound. Now since Marriage is a legal bond between a couple the it is to follow that some legal action can be attributed to adultery.

Christine in Portland, US writes:
If we can eradicate the major oppressions of sexism and homophobia, and we can eradicate economic systems and the beliefs that uphold them, which make women economically dependent on men, especially regarding financial needs due to childbirth and parenting, then adultery will cease to be a human issue.

Mike in Ottawa, Canada writes:
I think adultery should be treated everywhere as a breach of contract punishable by payment of damages and/or the option for the victim to void the marriage (the contract). All societies attach real and serious legal and social obligations and privileges to marriage and in view of this it is illogical to treat adultery lightly.

Karo in Nigeria
The Manchester fans have once again proved like they did in France that they are the hooligans of Europe.

Buchy in Nigeria
What has become of the GB Navy, how could they've been captured? Their release is really a smart political move by Iran.

ANON from Kenya
I would like to suggest to the abductors of Alan Johnston that they should follow Iran's example and release Alan on the occasion of Prophet Mohamed's birthday

Anonymous writes:I dont believe yet that the British were realy in iranian waters,but even if they were,does that justify capturing them ,and making propaganda films with them.even the inept Americans havent done that as far as i know. And lets make no mistake.This whole episode,however ridiculous it may seem to you and me,is a perfect propaganda victory for amadinajab,both in iran ,and in the wider muslim world.

Ioan writes:
Adultery is fine for either gender so long as the people are attractive!!

Richard in Athens
Adultery has nothing to do with money or property, the usual things that laws are about. It's falls under "religion" but it's not that either.

Karo in Nigeria

What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. So the law on adultery in Uganda is a plus to their judiciary.

Salem in Ghana
What has Alan done to deserve this Please release him.

Rev KLADidn't know there was such an adultery law in Uganda. But its repeal will mean lesser marriages,more of divorces, prostitution, fornication, strife !

AnonIt seems bizarre that only women are guilty of adultery. But its interesting that women give AIDS , no mentions that a man gave it to her. Adultery is foolish, but not criminal.

Chinthuli, Malawi
Fornication must be illegal globally as this is the hotbed of adultery seriously defaming the marriage sanctity there once was.

Godlove - Tanzania
Adultery should be iIlegal In my Country because it is against human values

Gideon - Nigeria
Must we copy the western nations? They have their tradition and we have ours. African man marries more than one wives capably

To TRUE Christians,God's law banning adultery is not open to shifting opinions or to government legislation.

Nasreddeen in Nigeria
Adultery is animalistic and immoral. It is unfortunate that humans can think like animals.

I don't think the idea of the group going to Court is to promote adultery among women.I believe all the women group is saying is that if the Kenyan Constitution abhors discrimination then no law which discriminates against women should be permitted to stand period. I don't think their legal victory should be trivialised.

Uche, Nigeria.
Adultery is fornication after wedlock. Married couples should be taught abstinence during extra-marital affairs. A crime like this should be left to conscience!

Ahmed, Nigeria
It senseless and unGODLY! It will increase AIDS so no is the answer!

Terwase in Nigeria
Adultery is already a crime in my village, the culprits are usually stripped naked and paraded in the market square.

Jos - nigeria
If adultery becomes illegal in Africa, most men will go jail.

Jamal, Malawi
Adultery should be illegal in my country. Both men and women should receive the same sentence. It leads to a lot of problems in future.


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