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Thursday LIVE

Fiona Crack | 18:05 UK time, Thursday, 19 April 2007

Your comments on today's programme as we discuss whether our listeners think that the videos made by the gunman should have been shown in the World's media and if religious rules that are followed at work should be tolerated by customers.

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I've just clicked the BBC's bbcnews.com and found the banner: Missing BBC reporter alive. Well, what a great news! It's really heartening to know Alan Johnston is there. I plead to his captors to release him now and not tomorrow. If he's listening us, I say: Alan we want to see you on the TV again and hear your voice.

Am Glad to see Allan news one the page today that he is alive. Please release Allan for God sake please don’t harm him,Every day am praying for you Allan we know that only God can save and he will don’t worry you will be free by the grace of God. God bless those who always pray for Allan may God richly bless you all.
From SylvesterIn Freetown Sierra Leone

We welcome the latest information that Allen Johnston is still alive but we need him physically before the BBC microphone.
Mohammed Konneh, Mon, Lib.

President abbas should make sure Allan is freed. We miss you allan.
Ahmed wa arabia,thika. Kenya

I was shocked of course, but the thing I’m afraid of is, it may inspire some other similar-mentality, and probably prove encouraging to those individuals!
Lz, sydney

I haven't seen the images but I imagine it will be disgusting and shouldn't have been broadcast anyway.
Johnson, NIGERIA.

Why did this happen? Was he discriminated? I saw the video and all I see was anger and I totally agree with NBC 4 showing the video.
Monica Oguge. Kenya

The killer was paying back what the American society had done to him. Americans should learn from the video. Steve in Kenya.

Hi friends,.its lubna, iraq,i didnt see those clips but I heard them, I really felt sorry for this young man, despite all what he had done and the misery he brought to many people, those images were a last call for help from him, but sadly none was there to help him,

I haven't seen the video but it sounds very much like Jihadist suicide bombers, very disturbing.
Buba in Belgium

I think d most important thing to do is work towards preventing another similar episode, given d fact that there may b one or two more such persons around. the video clip is inconsequential for now.
Felix, Benin cit, Nigeria.

I think NBC's move shd be applauded. It awakens our consciousness to the rapid moral decay and the dire need for social rectitude.
John-Paul, Nigeria.

The Virgina shooting inccident video clip is important to serve as warming to other rude students.
Mohammed Konneh, Mon, Lib.

The drivers aren't being asked to drink the alcohol, so transporting it does not violate their faith. What next? Muslim waiters refusing to serve pork?
Mariam in Mauritania

The new Dutch government allows state employees to refuse to marry same sex couples on grounds of conscience. This in the most liberal country in Europe! The Muslim Taxi Drivers in Minneapolis are strange bedfellows with European christians. Alcohol in the US & gay marriage in NL are legal. There are no grounds to deny someone else's right to engage in legal activity.
Phil in Zaandam, North-NL.

Religion is personal,a countries constitution should always come first. If they dont follow the laws, they should live where their religion is law.
Suhail, kenya

Alcohol should NOT be allowed into taxis and religion should interfere in the workforce because religion plays a vital role in a persons life.


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