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The Morning Meeting

Paul Coletti | 11:32 UK time, Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Welcome and good morning to a sunny and warm London. What's in? What's out? We'd like your input: +44 207 557 0635.

Read on for our selection...

Pete has already given us a heads up . . here's his favoured story for today:

Is it good for the public to know if a convicted paedophile lives in their neighbourhood? Britain is considering implementing a version - albeit watered down - of "Megan's Law". Parents will be told how many sex offenders live in their area but, unlike in some US states, not their names or addresses. The Independent says it would be "another foolish and illiberal law".

. . the greedy git wants a second bite:

A section of the Berlin Wall that was a major tourist attraction has been removed in the dead of night over Easter weekend by a government contractor. If it had to be removed in secret, should it have been removed at all? What do Berliners think?

Sadly the boss has biffed this immediately....

The verdict on the Serb 'Skorpio' death squad has got people talking on the BBC Have Your Say debate site. Do you think the sentences deliver justice?

The boss has an innovative idea . . .
Will technology help bring home to people the reality of what's going on in Darfur and other conflicts? The Holocaust Memorial Museum and Google Earth hope so, and have teamed up to give an updated impression of what's happening on the ground in Darfur.

"Maybe we should we ask a panel of listeners to try it out and see what they make of it, and whether they feel more inclined to lobby for action over Darfur as a result?"

This idea is grabbing folks attention here: Is workable? Would it bring the issues home to you? We covered Darfur and Chad yesterday so this is potentially a nice follow-up . . .

Anna has popped in with this story about Jane Stillwater, the first lefty milblogger to get embedded in Iraq's Green Zone. She's 64 - so this is quite impressive. Should we get Jane talking to Bill Roggio . . . ?

. . . and finally, one I raised on Tuesday but which has progressed somewhat since then, Shock Jock Don Imus has got the US and the blogosphere in a tissy about his use of the phrase "nappy-headed hos". Is this story too US-specific? It is a massive talking point however . . .


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