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Morning Meeting - Thursday April 5

Peter van Dyk | 11:27 UK time, Thursday, 5 April 2007

Good morning, we're just starting our meeting. First up is Uganda changing its aldutery law. The law made it an offence for a married woman to have an affair, but it allowed a cheating husband to have an affair with an unmarried woman.

It has been scrapped by the Constitutional Court because it treated men and women unequally.

That could tie in with the Indonesian editor of Playboy magazine being acquitted of charges of publishing indecent material. Last week we had the story about Pakistani women storming brothels.

Could we talk about the changing response to immorality in the Muslim world? Or is it about the law and public opinion? Or is it about the name Playboy and actually about nationalism?

Should we return to Iran? Yesterday we heard your reaction to the news that the servicemen and woman would be freed - what would you like to hear on it today? Our feeling is that we need more news - about the discussions over their release, about the conditions of their detention, about the circumstances of their capture - before we have anything new to discuss. What do you think?

UPDATE - British Prime Minister Tony Blair has just spoken and talked of new channels of communication with Iran, but returned repeatedly to the issue of support for terrorism. So there's our new news. We'll be talking about this today, asking (among other things) if anything has changed in relations with Iran.

Next, something we were going to talk about yesterday - until the Iranians decided to free the British sailors.

Manchester United warned their fans to be careful when travelling to the game against Roma (which Roma won 2-1, incidentally); Rome's mayor took offence; and then there was a lot of violence.

Who was to blame for the ugly scenes involving Roma and Manchester United fans, and the Italian police? How to stop it happening again?

A few other stories to throw out:

Ian Thorpe from Anna's early post.

Nursery kids' bad behaviour: Toddlers turn into thugs in when they spend too much time at the nursery.

A German woman becomes Venice's first women gondolier - but the city's union of gondoliers wants her license revoked.


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