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| 17:58 UK time, Friday, 6 April 2007

Hello! It's Christiane blogging your comments today.

As Ros wrote earlier, today we were talking about the definition of the word "terrorism". We were also talking about Pakistan. The Human Rights Commission has accussed demonstrating madrassa students of harrassing and terrorising citizens of Pakistan in the name of Islam". Post your comment now.

You can read emails and text messages here, and of course post your own comments as well.

Kiru in Jamaica says:

Due to the misuse and saturation of the word 'terror' by Bush and Blair, most people just roll their eyes when it is spoken nowadays.

Graham in Prague, Czech Republic says:

What is the difference between "terrorism" and George Bush's "shock and awe"-ism?

Belal in Syria writes:

Can somebody tell me who's the terrorist? Mr Blair & Mr Bush are the terrorists. They are responsible 4 the death of so many people in Iraq and other places.

Anonymous writes:

Mr Blair cannot comment on what "terror" is as he is guilty of this very crime himself.

Anonymous writes:

Stop all the crap! 'terrorism' means the use of violence, pure and simple.

Ashlee in Jamaica writes:

atrocity that the West commit will be justified in the name of fighting terroism.

Anonymous writes:

Surely a terrorist is a fighter who is not a member of an official national army and is acting against the person so naming them?

Maryam in Nigeria writes:

Tony Blair n George W.Bush are personification of the word TERRORISM.

Kennedy in Liberia writes:

Tony Blair was clearly short of words or simply overwhelmed.

Kintu says:

terrorism is now used by govts that want licence to have their citizens turn a deaf ear to the cries of their perceived enemies as they torture them


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