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Kumi Naidoo and Ed Husain

| 17:33 UK time, Thursday, 26 April 2007

Hi there,

As Fiona and I wrote earlier, today we're talking to Kumi Naidoo and Ed Husain, who wrote The Islamist.

Kumi will be talking about the relationship between South Africa and Zimbabwe, and Ed Husian will tell us about his time as an Islamic fundamentalist.

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You can read emails and text messages here, and of course post your own comments as well.

Here are some of your messages of support for Alan Johnston:

Karen, Singapore
Alan, I want to thank you for faithfully reporting news to listeners of the BBC World Service. Many, many people appreciate your commitment & service, and your persistence in seeking to present the truth.

Hassan, Ankara, Turkey
The abductees of Alan must see that this ordeal, by no means whatsoever will produce any positive ramifications for them. On the contrary, they have gained the enmity of the masses.

Errol, Chelmsford UK
The Gaza leadership now needs to invite the help from their friends to assist by sending troops to Gaza to search every house, culvert and tunnel until Alan is found and released; perhaps the Arab League could help to facilitate the wishes of the good people of the world.

Patty, Las Vegas, USA
This issue strikes the core of freedom of the press, and we are all indebted to Alan and others on the frontlines. Without such correspondents, we would all live in a world of ignorance. His tenacity and journalistic integrity speaks for itself, and I shall continue to follow this situation closely.


Mary (McCannon), Budapest, Hungary:
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Johnston,
In these terribly difficult times you are not alone: there are friends & colleagues of Alan at the BBC and other news organisations. There are the invisible masses all around the globe expressing themselves by petitions, blogs & protests. I hope that very soon you'll cook Alan's favourite dish, Mrs. Johnston. I do, from my heart.


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