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Early Morning Talking Points

Paul Coletti | 08:56 UK time, Wednesday, 18 April 2007

This is Liviu Lebrescu who died on Monday in the VTech shootings. He survived the Holocaust and tragically died on Holocaust memorial day while blocking his classroom door while his students escaped out the window.


We now know a lot more about what happened on that campus two days ago but do you think there's more to discuss? Read on and as ever please let us know what you'd like to talk about: worldhaveyoursay@bbc.co.uk

Vtech shooting
Cho Seung Hui has been identified as the killer and yesterday on World Have Your Say a couple of callers mentioned that counselling for 'loners' and early identification of problem students could help prevent massacres such as this. Today we know that in his creative writing class Cho did portray some disturbing scenes but is this sort of prose really cause to suspect someone of potential murder? It is certainly disturbing and definitely a cry for help. Lucinda Roy, Cho's English prof, is on CNN right now as I write saying the "threats were under the surface, not explicit." According to Larry King, Cho did in fact attend counselling.


Also, several people have criticised the campus authorities for not securing the college after the early 7:15am double shooting. Is this hindsight speaking? This comment came in to worldhaveyoursay@bbc.co.uk from Darren:

It's a complicated issue and can't be boiled down to vague hot-button issues like gun control or mistakes of campus and city police.

The gun control debate will inevitably soon kick off in the USA. Cho spent $571 on one of his two guns and 50 bullets. For an interesting perspective I suggest this article which contends: "Would gun control in America have prevented the carnage at Virginia Tech university? Probably, yes. Does that mean that tighter controls will reduce gun crime? Almost certainly, not." The author compares Vtech to the tragedy of Dunblane in Scotland a decade ago.

Here's a pro gun-control voice.

Here's a pro gun-freedom voice.

BBC Censorship
Hanif Kureishi has had a short story pulled from the BBC. Owing to the current situation with the BBC's Alan Johnston, BBC Radio4 canclelled a reading of 'Weddings and Beheadings' about a cameraman filming beheadings of captives. Do you think the BBC was right to do this? Let us know.

The opposition in Nigeria is calling for the forthcoming presidential elections to be postponed. The government says they are "confused" and "unfocused." The opposition which includes Vice President Atiku Abubakar also want last week's state election results annulled. Amidst all this some islamic militants have moved in to the northern region of Kano to avenge the death of a radical preacher. What would you like to hear form Nigeria?

Iraqi refugees
There are over a million Iraqi refugees in Jordan, Syria and other surrounding countries. Do you think the US, the UK and other coalition countries should resettle them? Would you like to hear from some of these displaced persons?

It's the 27th anniversary of Zimbabwe's indpependence. Will you be celebrating? Or is the state of the country too parlous for there to be any kind of joy? "There are indications that Mugabe is losing grip." said Tendai Dumbeshana of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition a few seconds ago on BBC news: do you agree?

Madonna watch!
Her Madgesty has arrived at the orphanage in Malawi where she found baby David. If she picks up a few 'extras' while there we'll let you know . . .


  • Comment number 1.

    It will be good if the US and UK resettle this poor refugees,but my worry is, if they disagree with you,they will surly tune against you,so one have to think well before.We have a saying that,when you fill sorry for a mad dog;it tune's back and bit you


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