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Benedict in Nigeria

Ros Atkins Ros Atkins | 15:05 UK time, Thursday, 26 April 2007

Hi! My name is Benedict Terfa Shishi. I live in Nigeria. I am a graduate of Agric. Economics & Extension. I hope to pursue a Master’s degree in an environmentally related course, or, journalism. This is primarily to do with my interest for environmental matters. I hope to see our environment is better protected.

I began listening to the BBC at the age of 13....

I read a lot. I listen to the News a lot. I enjoy learning of foreign languages and cultures. Presently, I’m learning French, Spanish, German, and Italian all by myself. I also enjoy travelling, watching soccer, American football, basketball and tennis.

My home city is very beautiful. It is an agrarian area. The soil is very fertile, and good to cultivate. The largest proportion of Nigeria’s agricultural output is produced here. Thus, it is referred to as ‘the food basket of the nation’.

My average day begins with the BBC. My radio is always by my side so I begin everyday by tuning to listen to the latest News headlines. I go to Church for morning Mass to pray to God. Thereafter, I go about my usual activities of the day which include: going to the internet café, going to the library, teaching at an extramural school, playing football at the local soccer pitch etc.

I recently graduated from the University so I’m without a job now. Here in Nigeria, you can only apply for a job after you’ve completed your mandatory one year youth service which I’m yet to go for. However, I’m teaching at an extramural school where I’m getting some change.

I found about WHYS on short wave. I like the interactive nature of the programme. Through the programme, voices which would rarely feature are heard. I like the magnificent presenters on WHYS.

What I don’t like about WHYS is when people are talking over one another. I suggest the presenter steps in. Another thing is when the topic(s) for the discussion is a bit lacking in global nature because that is what the programme is all about. By this I mean that the topic(s) for discussion should be selected so that people from all over the world, and not just one country or continent, would be encouraged to contact the show.

WHYS has largely been doing a very ‘wonderful’ job, but I hate to admit you sometimes make me a bit unhappy – which is natural. You can’t make everybody happy at the same time, not to talk of all the time, can you? Keep up the wonderful work though.

I am interested in issues concerning young people, about the environment, religion, human rights, entertainment, education, culture etc.


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