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Abstinence, Nigeria, and breaking news...

| 17:51 UK time, Monday, 16 April 2007

Hi all,

Today we're asking if abstinence should be taught, we'll hear from Nigerians on the upcoming election, as well as more of your messages of support for Alan Johnston.

And, we're just hearing of a school shooting in Virginia. The death toll is at 20 already, we'll give you an update on air.

You can read emails and text messages here, and of course post your own comments as well.

We're hearing more from a reporter in Virginia on the news of the shootings in a school Virginia.

Here are a couple of comments sent in to the BBC News website:

Derek Belcher, Blacksberg

I am a student at Virginia Tech and was on campus during the second shooting at Norris Hall. The Virginia Tech police has told us that 20 are confirmed dead and 28 are being treated for injuries. This is the second shooting in one year as well as three bomb threats in the last week. Students are terrified.

Brett Blacksberg says...

I am a student. I was walking to class when one of the buildings was evacuated. The police yelled to get off the drillfield. People started running everywhere. The situation is intense. Everyone is worried.

The blog has been painfully slow today and keeps losing my work, so here's a selection of text messages:

I pity us Nigerians because what i witnessed on saturday is not Elections but violence, confusion imposition & recklesness. I wish i was not born a Nigerian

Kunle 4rm Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State
There is the posibility of rigging next Saturday's election bcos the last one was won by the PDP in almost all the states.

Nigeria is not yet in the progressive fold. We are still in Sodom and Gomorah with a debauched fellow just declared as the winner in my state.

Most parts are up in flames of fury and angst. As it stands liberation day is not within sight. Decision day however seems to be today.

Comrade Abdulrahman
The opposition parties should boycott the presidential poll so as not to legalise the illegalities of the OBJ transition progm.

Echwalu Edward in Uganda
i'm extremely dissapointed with the Nigerian court. An African virus in corruption will forever remain in his political CV.

What is atiku still looking for.He has been part of what we want to remove from our politics.We dont want to recycle the same old corrupt politicians

Ekene ohanyido in jos Nigeria
Atiku like any other Nigerian should be allowed to test his popularity, Nigerhans should decide and not Obasanjo and the INEC.


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