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Zimbabwe, Latin America and the US - LIVE!!

| 16:58 UK time, Monday, 12 March 2007

Hi there,

As Ros wrote earlier, today we are asking what's happening in Zimbabwe, and if Latin America should be more grateful to America.

You can read emails and text messages here, and of course post your own comments as well.

Post your comments now.

To Zimbabwe first.

Political analyst George Shire joins Ros and Richard in the London studio. He fought with ZANLA forces led by Mr.Mugabe during Zimbabwe's war for independence.

Roy Bennett, spokesperson for the MDC is in the studio in Johannesburg. He fought in the liberation war and says he understands Mugabe more than most for this reason.

Here are a selection of texts:

Kindama from Freetown:
The Zimbabwean Information Minister is very abrasive, undiplomatic, unrepentant and power drunk, his statement is unfortunate, he must resign immediatelyl

Oluwole Akinjayeju in Lagos:
Another credible poll in Africa. . I sincerely hope my compatriots will emulate these democratic ethics and principles.

Abdalla Subeit from Dallas asks:
How widespread were the protests in Colombia compared to what the we saw in Brazil and Argentina where Mr Bush visited earlier?

With civilian dictators like Mugabe, Africa has no hope and Independence.

Sheikh Dukuly of Liberia writes:
President Mugabe needs to give democracy a chance in Zimbabwe. He can't continue to subject Zimbabweans to his whims and caprices.

The arrest of dozens of opposition supporters in ZIMBABWE by the authoritiest is illegal

Uyeh. LAGOS,NIgeria writes:
GD U.S. should use the word "partnership" with more frequency & efficiency. That is the key to world peace! .

Daisy, Uganda says:
Pliz south americans don't blame the USA 4 all our problems take responsibility 4 your own destiny.

Mundia writes:
Zimbabwe is going down fast! Zimbabweans must act fast and get rid of Mugabe, before its too late. Waiting for 2008 will be too late.

Dr Aly Foyo Guinea:
Why did America quickly condemn Mugabe and never said anything in Guineans problems

Paul, an Australian in Latvia:
When will someone step in in Zimbabwe? Opposition has essentially been illegal since 1980.

ANON writes:
The more zimbabwe is isolated the worse the situation becomes let the international community try diplomacy. Zimbabwe is NOT processing a nuclear bomb!

Justus Mogaka, Kenya:
The Mugabe iron and blood administration is a yellow leaf which will soon fall off Zimbabwe.And Mugabe will definitely go the Saddam way.

Karo U says:
Politics can't be separated from religion. If they decide to pray, it's fine. For God is the only hope for the Zimbabweans and the rest of Africa!

Eugene Uwandu, Gabon:
please i would like to ask that zimbabwean spoke's man how he could have reacted if that opposition party member murdered by the police were his own children

ANON says:
Morgan tsagarai is a stooge of the america and the west

Obed, Ghana
This is no surprise. Mugabe and his cohorts would intimidate any opposer. Violent can't stand. How can a fly hurt a lion? I choose to believe the fly.

Michu Chogoria in Kenya says:
President Bush is the one president who is brave enough to stand up to evil. He should now save the people of Darful from genocide.

Maulid Warfa, Nairobi says:
Please tell Mugambe Zimbabweans very decent people and they had enough your cruelty and cleverness. Please safe your country from complete melt down.

Nasir, Nigeria:
What's happening in Zimbabwe is similar to what obtained in apartheid South Africa-a police state where no value is given to people's rights.

Power has really corrupted MUGABE even to the extent of starving ordinary people.

That was certainly lively, we'll move onto Latin America now...

Kantapir Elias:
Chirac's exit will pave the way for further refined democracy in France. Bravo Chirac & have a happy retirement. You have done your bit.

ANON writes:
Bush in Columbia still has to pay of Jeb's debt of 2 BILLION DOLLARS FOR COKE, plus 20 years' interest.

I am delighted when I heard that President Jacques Chiraq of France will be retiring from politics soon and this is pure democracy as we expect President

If South Americans dislike North America so much why do they risk life & limb to come here illegally & happily mouch off the tax payers?

Jason from Portland:
President Bush is an idiot with a 37 % approval rating who should be more concerned about his constituants than other countries. Bush is useless.

Kalypso writing from Austria:
These Latin American Presidents may not be very good themselves, but i think it's OK that they criticize Bush. Surely the US does good things, but, frankly, I think, the bad they do weighs out the good by far. Bush cannot be criticized enough for the terrible thigns he's doing.

Obed in Ghana writes:
What sort of double standard is this? First a legislation to deport Mexicans and foreigners, and now Bush outlining plans for Latinos to work in US?

Steve U.K writes:
U.S. is just like a back street loan shark with strings attached to its development loans.


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