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What should we do about fat kids?

Richard Bowen | 10:26 UK time, Friday, 2 March 2007

obese child swimmingI ask this because even in France, a country best known it's fine cuisine and love of the family meal, they've acknowledged obesity in children is becoming a real problem. All adverts for products considered unhealthy will, from today be accompanied by health warnings. Watchdogs in the US are claiming chain restaurants are promoting dangerous "X-treme Eating". And if there weren't enough reasons to do this story today we've had this from Robert in Utah;

I've always thought that it is a form of child neglect to allow children to become grossly obese. Here is an article that appeared yesterday that supports my thoughts: I would enjoy hearing a discussion on your show on this topic about whether parents should be investigated or even lose their children temporarily if they fail to keep their kids from becoming grossly obese.

But what is the solution to this growing problem in many western countries? Should we, as Prince Charles alluded to earlier this week, ban fast food chinas like Macdonald? Should all adverts for unhealthy foods to banned? Or is this all a lot of fuss about nothing? I'd love to hear what you think.

Tornadoes have killed at least 11 people in the southern United States. One wrecked a school building in Alabama, killing at least five people, and storms later hit a hospital in Georgia killing two. Are you there? Send us your experiences. You can also read what other people have said about this by clicking here.

On Last night's show this suggestion cam in to us from Richard in Sierra Leone. He wants to talk about the role of NGO's Africa. He wants to know if they've achieved anything. If you're in Africa, what's your view on NGO's?

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned an arson attack on a Jewish nursery school thought to have been committed by right wing extremists. She called the attack on the school a horrifying attempt to disrupt Jewish life in Germany. Is this a signal that right wing extremism is alive and well in Germany? Does this symbolise a growing problem across the whole of Europe? Or is this just an isolated incident?

South Africa is to begin a programme of forced land redistribution if white farmers in the county refuse to sell their land to the government. Is this the best way to atone for the past?

Tania's working with me in the office with no light, and this is what she thinks we should be talking about.

Wikipedia vs Conservapedia: evangelical christians taking on wikipedia as they believe the site is anti-christian and anti-american. Should we trust sites like these?

A taxation on prostitution in India is rejected by Indian government. Should we legalise prostitution?

Ghana - The first African country to gain independence 50 years ago. How has Africa changed in the past 50yrs?


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