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Time to talk about the British sailors in Iran?

Peter van Dyk | 08:48 UK time, Thursday, 29 March 2007

Iranian TV footage of the captured sailorsGood morning. It's been a big week, what with Mideast peace and slavery, so we haven't talked about the British sailors and marines who have been captured by Iran.

Perhaps now is the time. The most recommended comments on the Have Your Say debate seem to lay out the discussion pretty well. And here are the views of some Iranians. What do you think?

A story we have devoted some time to is the deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe. President Robert Mugabe is meeting fellow southern African leaders in Tanzania.

We have talked about South Africa's role - is there something more or new to discuss?

From southern Africa to South America, and where Argentina is worrying about one of the country's favourite sons - former football star Diego Maradona has been taken to hospital in the Buenos Aires.

Staying in the southern hemisphere (do you think I might be fed up with winter?), let's go west across the Pacific to New Zealand, where hundreds of people have held a protest against a proposed law which would ban parents from hitting their children to discipline them.

And tonight we will continue to broadcast a selection of your messages to Alan Johnston, the BBC correspondent who has been missing in Gaza for more than two weeks.


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