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The Greek v Turk online war and International women's day

Fiona Crack | 09:44 UK time, Thursday, 8 March 2007

A court in Turkey has blocked access to YouTube, the popular video-sharing Web site, over a video deemed insulting to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey.

The media has dubbed it a "virtual war" of videos between Greeks and Turks.

An interesting article on Bush impeachement has lead up to consider finding a Washington State senator who's pro-impeachment and a pro-Bush anti-impeachment voice to debate it, with particular reference to the new troops line.

South Korea writes an ethical code for robot use, it pumps millions of pounds into research, thinking it may be an answer to administration and protection in a country with a small population and a falling birth rate.

Captain America gets a bullet and has undertaken his last mission. He was killed off in his namesake comic yesterday. Will you miss him?

And it is international women's day. Do we need to ask the question - does the world need an international women's day? Or should we look at the story of 33 Iranian women arrested for peaceful demostrations connected with International Woman's Day? Is it of concern to Iranians outside Iran, or to the rest of the world.

What about hearing from Russians, where the day takes on a special significance and men are expected to buy gifts for their wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters and female co-workers to express their admiration? Or from India, they are launching the first women-only taxi service in Bombay? Or in Canada where they stage a huge march and rally about gender inequalities in pay? What story should we pick up on?

This is all over the British newspapers. A guy bids for help on the UK finance reality show to keep making his favourite sauce called Reggae Regae, its now been picked up by International supermarket chain Sainsbury's….Is i break on a TV reality show now the fastest way to get ahead?

Does anyone want to hear from locals in Jodpur, where the Hurley wedding has moved and is still going on?


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