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Paul Coletti | 17:41 UK time, Monday, 26 March 2007

Topics tonight included Bob Woolmer's murder, yet another Northern Ireland breakthrough agreement and Egypt's constitution.


Cricket Crisis

We’re in the BBC Islamabad studio for reaction to Bob’s death:

Ashraf: “Bob’s death totally changed the scenario. Cricket fans felt two shocks: the defeat from Ireland then came Bob’s death.”

Ussama: “These were the players Bob Woolmer trusted. That’s why he took them to Jamaica. The Pakistan Cricket Board should conduct an thorough independent enquiry into match-fixing.”

Osman: “This is a very high-profile job. Shane Warne had some issues with his coach.”

The BBC’s Shafi Naqi Jamie is in Jamaica at the Pegasus Hotel where Bob Woolmer was found dead: “A press conference is expected in 45 minutes, conducted by Deputy Police Commissioner Mark Shields. Jamaica, Ireland and Pakistan were all staying at the Pegasus.”

Said from Kenya has texted:
That's really an inhuman act, and whatever the case if it was planned or not i believe its upon you the media to highlight us on the insight of this incident. We are indeed sorry for the Pakistan people.

Its unfortunate that the Pakistani criket coach was murdered. I Believe this is a cover up of a fishy deal. SIMEON, MAKURDI, NIGERIA.

Match fixing is endemic amidst the asiatic brown sknined cricketers. Bob must have come to know the culprit. Hence the murder! MOENNSAD,Nairobi.


Killing of the smallest personality in sport is completely unacceptable let alone somebody like Bob. Let the culprits be brought to justice. Babadi, Freetown S/Leone

Shakespeare was right when he called money dirty lucre. It is a pity games have become with this dirty lucre. I hope themurderer gets death sentence not the nonsense life sentence murders now get. Akele, Nigeria

Its a regreatable thing for the pakistana coach. i'ts time for justice - regardless who is who. Edwin jr in uganda, kampala

I have no reason to suppose that the cause of his death was attributed to match-fixing! He died from a natural cause. Michael (Freetown-Sierra leone)

Pakistan Captain might have been killed by Al-Qaida in protest of UK invasion into Iraq and Afghanistan, and Pakistan support thereof. Freddy, Kil

We’ll return to Shafi if there’s any news from the Caribbean.

Bina has called, she’s in Pakistan: “It’s such a tragedy. It’s a shock. We were prepared to lose not for a murder.”

An e-Mail from Isaac in Germany:
“It’s a pity that sport today is all about money easy money I mean. It’s sad that a man who just loved his sport has die like that. Who ever did that if find and guilty he must face hard punishment.”

Ashraf: “If you look at Inzamam and Bob – both were cool, both were calm.”

A text from Nigeria:
WOLMER'S death i believe should lead to more well hiden cameras in the interiors of hotels. John from Nigeria.

Osman: “Nobody can accuse this team for the last two or three years of lacking fight and of not being united.”

Ussama: “Not a lot was expected from the team. The performances have been bad but people were not expected a first round exit. There will not be a lot of hue and cry when the team returns.”

Ali has called in from Lahore: “There’ll be a lot of heads rolling. We don’t bet on cricket matches but it goes on all over the place. Woolmer was a great coach – he did so much for South Africa. He united the Pakistani team. He really did a lot for world cricket in general.”

We’re breaking for the news . . . we’ll be back with Egypt and Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland

We’re listening to the Rev. Ian “Never, never, never” Paisley make a statement about a democratic future.

Gerry Adams, of Sinn Fein said: “We’ve all come a long way. We’re conscious of the people who have suffered.”

Dennis Bradley is in the Londonderry studio: “It was an important day. The end of the world’s longest conflict. It’s important for conflicts throughout the world.”

Michael Culbert was a Republican prisoner for 16 years: “I’m glad to see Mr. Paisley’s language being one of agreement. There has been a major groundswell in the Unionist community. As an Irish Republican my interests are in a unified Ireland based on equality. It’s not the end game for me but I’m prepared to work within political institutions.

John Mcvicar is part of the Unionist community in Northern Ireland: “Ian Paisley caught the media on the hop today. They didn’t expect this. There’s been the politics of ambiguity for years. People are tired of this process. We want to see the back of Peter Hain and his ministers”

Olaoya: “This is a nice development. I want to advise Gerry Adams to pursue this opportunity with passion. Let the government stand and make sure they don’t fall back. The British government is seen as a model.”

Mark is in Belfast: “Today is a great day. The people, the place, the craic – it’s just a great place to live.”

A text from Africa:
Hi, this is alex from malawi. On ireland - if the protestants and catholics agree to unite then ireland may have a better future. Sadly, the world has shown that it is difficult for us people to unite. God bless

Sean is in Belfast: “Today is momentous. The 8th May sounds like it’s their last chance. I’m hoping nothing can derail this.”

Michael Culbert: “Personally I know Gerry Adams, he’s the man who has done the very heavy lifting. A few comments have referred to the fact that it isn’t cemented in yet – there could be hindrances but we can’t look at it in the negative.”

Padraig is in Dublin: “It takes us another step closer. The Unionists have been used as stormtroopers by the British for many years. We’ve waited 800 years – we can wait some more time.”


Sam tell us what he thinks about today’s referendum: “I voted three times.”

Ruth: “Article 179 gives the president powers to try people by military courts. It gives the state sweeping powers of search and eavesdropping. Ait will enshrine the emergency powers into law.”

Ibrahim is in our Cairo studio, he’s with the Muslim brotherhood: “There is no guarantee that the results will not be correct. Sam’s story is a good indication. The regime will pass this referendum whatever the results. The definition of article 179 covers all opposition not just terrorism. The article gives the president the authority to sideline legal moves”


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