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| 18:03 UK time, Tuesday, 27 March 2007

It's Christiane blogging your texts and emails today.

As Madeleine wrote earlier, today we're talking about Alan Johnston. Today marks 16 days since the BBC Gaza correspondent disappeared. We are also talking about slavery. Post your comment now.

You can read emails and text messages here, and of course post your own comments as well.

Leland in Indiana writes:

We should never forget the terrible legacy of slavery, but restitution can go to most people on this planet for some atrocity or other at some point in history, either ancient history, 200 years ago or yesterday. There are real current problems much much much more important tahn centries old issues.

Kalypso in Vienna, Austria writes:

Kidnapping such a sensitive and respectful journalist will only be bad for the Palestinians, it will make their reputation even worse. Don't the people who did this think about this? I just hope they will release him very soon.

Jason in Oregon writes:

Why are people so suprised when journalists go missing in these war torn areas? i feel bad for him, but he had to know this was a good possibility.

Anon writes:

After abolition , the British sought to enslaved the Chinese by forcing them to buy opium !

Susan in Portland, Oregon, US writes:

I would like to see this kidnapped reporter released. I would also like to see the young Israeli draftee, Gilad Shalit, released.

Lubna in Iraq writes:

I believe the ones who kidnapped Alan wanted to hide the truth,i pray that he would be released safe and honoured, here in Iraq, so many dear and beloved ones have been kidnapped, I pray that all of them and Alan with them would be released safe and dignified, Amen.

Ryan writes:

I find it surprising that some people would be saying "enough is enough" in the conversation about the end of slavery. In my experience (and I'm an American) North Europeans are becoming more and more racist because of immigration; none of us can turn away from our collective slave-holding and imperialist pasts, the ideas feed directly into our future. A lot of the ideas that supported slavery are still alive, and in many places slavery (though not state- sanctioned any longer) is still actively practiced; we need to keep talking...

Hisham in France writes:

It's a real disgrace that Alan Johnston has been kidnapped. In an increasingly biased media environment Alan's voice was so objective and unbiased, hence doing the greatest favor to the truth and to Palestinian cause. We miss your voice Alan so much!

Hisham in France writes:

It's a real disgrace that Alan Johnston has been kidnapped. In an increasingly biased media environment Alan's voice was so objective and unbiased, hence doing the greatest favor to the truth and to Palestinian cause. We miss your voice Alan so much!

Othman in Perth, Western Australia writes:

I follow the Israeli-Palestinian conflict very closely and Alan Johnston was one who reports the truth on the ground. To the people who have taken him - please release him safe and unharmed.

Danny from Portland writes:

Slavery can be equated to a foot race where one race gets a 200 year head start. Slavery will never be forgotten.

Susannah in San Francisco writes:

I think that we should remember slavery of the past, maybe a remembrance day. But more importantly, I think that we should pay attention to forms of present slavery such as human trafficking

Christine in ltaly writes:

If slavery was in English school history books, truthfully covered.with colonisation then the public would be less dismisive

Danny from Portland, US writes:

It is a known fact that many Africans were sold into slavery by their own tribal leaders. Do these people deserve reparations, too? thoughts?

Thom writes:

Unfortunately, slavery still exists. As someone who spent my childhood in forced labor here in the United States, it is repugnant to me that some people believe that we should just forget the past, when slavery is still with us.

Ann in Cleveland, Ohio, US writes:

My question is: many of the people today who might be eligible for reparation as descendants of slave are also descendants of slave owners. As a descendant of slave owners should they not also pay for the reparation?

Tommy in Columbus, Ohio, US writes:

We don't have jews demanding reparations from modern day Germans and I doubt we ever will.

Zita writes:

My view is that the whole celebration of this 200th Anniversary is uncalled for. There have been many ills throughout history and we cannot dwell on all of them. The history of man is dogged by instances of exploitation of man by man according to great theorists and observers. Man is born free but is by still in fetters put upon them by religion, race, economical status and many other characteristics. So why harp about slavery?

Willie in Detroit, US writes:

Reparations for disaporsan afrikans is the key to 'moving on' from a histrory of western europes contribution to chattell slavery.
Native peoples in america and afrikans in the diaspora are due reparations just as were given to japanese americans for imprisonment during worldwar2 and also to those jews that lost lives and fortunes due to nazism. It is a given that many western economies thrived and blossomed on the fortunes of the slave trade.

John in The Hague, The Netherlands writes:

Commemorating the misery and honoring the victims is a good thing. Apologizing for something neither you, nor your parents or grandparents have done is a nonsense. If you r e a l l y want to do something, fight the terrible slavery that still exists today.

Yakuv from Kano, Nigeria writes:

Apology is not enough, let brits do something to eradicate poverty in Africa.

Jason in Portland, US writes:

I'm a white man in the USA. I've been called honky & cracker. we ALL experience racism. GET OVER IT. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.


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