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International Women's Day LIVE

Priya Shah | 17:56 UK time, Thursday, 8 March 2007

We're now off air but read below for all of today's comments.

On tonight's show we are talking about women. It's International Women's Day today and we want to know what, if anything, this day can do for women across the world.

You can read emails and text messages here, and of course post your own comments as well.

Teresa says

Women are the ones most involved in bringing up children. So they are the ones who may be remembered for saying things like "Stop picking your nose". Ergo some not-quite-grown-up-men may have a down on them all, mothers or not. The International whatever Days, appear to make little or no difference to their whatevers. So I tend to wonder why they are there.

Benedict, in Nigeria, writes

Hi there! I wonder how many women are aware today is their day. I don't have any problem with international women's day. However, I think a more collective action should be done to better women's position in the world.

Michael, in Accra-Ghana, says

I believe women can take charge themselves. I went to a co-ed senior secondary school here in Ghana where the girls were very much on an equal footing with the boys because they chose to not see themselves as inferior.

Bjay says

Sunny side up! I am an equal opportunity 'kiss-her'.

Mark writes

In the West, there is still only one vital issue- equal pay for equal work. Women are still nowhere near pay equity with men, and thats ridiculous after all this time.

Obed from Ghana says

Women are the only ones who can help themselves. No man can do that.

Sarah, in New York, writes

I think that women around the world should stand together and stand up for each other, but race and ethnicity still get in the way.

Mohammed Ali, in Monrovia, says

Women are already making their mark in LIBERIA. President, Ministers of justice, finance, gender, police director and etc. Are all women.

Mohammed Ghassani, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, writes this poem for all the women across the world

Look around you At your back, at your front At your left, at your right Can't you see Her? Yes, Here She Is Here, there and everywhere And in you yourself You feel Her presence And Her very existence She, a Woman It's all about women!
Those people you see Their houses you admire Their cars you grasp Their lives they enjoy All Possible have been made Enabled By Her It's all about woman!
You know: As child we speak those first words They are named: motherence As we grow speaking that first language They call it Mother language Our in-born intellect Mothertec, so it's known They all come from Our mothers From women It's all about woman!
Women have ever since Brought us to this world Nurtured us with their kindness Taught us with their knowledge They can, therefore, Do anything else They are, therefore, Everything else It's all about women!
We, men are Nothing but images Of theirs Their success Their happiness and Pride It's all about women!
As bad as sometimes we become Their failures Their atrocities But No matter what They never give up Praises be to the Lord For creating these creatures The women Because It's all about women!

Kalenga, in Kampala, says

The world is like a bird with 2 wings. One wing is a man and another a woman. The bird will only fly if the two wings are strong.

Mr. Moennsad from Nairobi, writes

It's a day for the emancipation of women from the male chauvinists, specifically in the Islamosphere of female oppression..

Ekayu Wilson from Soroti, Uganda, says

Women spend a lot of time on their hair and looks. If they spent half that time on their brains they would be better off.

Leland from Indiana, USA, writes

Query: Why should men support international women's day? What benefit are "Women's Rights" for men? What about men who are physically abused by women? What about cultural rights that Women have, which men do not? What about countries that favor women in the assigning of a child due to a divorce?

Bruno, in Belgium, says

We seem to be hearing only women on today's programme!
Here's a message from a man to his fellow males: as long as we won't understand that women are the most civilized half of humanity, and act upon it, how can we hope to move forwards?

Mach Ayom Anyang from Kampala, Uganda, says

Women are great caretakers but we men do take them for granted, as we give them one-day freedom in a year.

Matthew from Nigeria writes

Please help me & tell the international women that nigerian women are free but most of their children are into prostitution, is it poverty that violates their rights?

Ritodhi Chakraborty says

The International Women's Day serves a rather symbolic role. Definitely symbols are what people rally behind and get motivated by.

S Saroj Kumar from India writes

The issues concerning women is highly a politicised one all over the world. I hear the much of cry on freedom from only urban living women why is that so ?

Susannah (again) from San Francisco says

Ros-Even my friend Michael, who can be the biggest womanizer thanks women for at one point in the history of primitive man, choosing their mates based on their intelligence and skills. It was woman's excellent decision making process in picking mates that formed a more capable human society during evolution.

Jean Shirkoff from Portland, Oregon, says

Men ARE the dominant gender so it is true that every day is Men's Day not because men are not wonderful but it just is a different experience to live in a world where your gender is the dominant gender.

ANON from Kenya writes

Women only have themselves to blame for men's attitude to them. If every mother brought her sons to treat their sisters as equals, the world would be a different place.

Peter Bassey from Calabar, Nigeria, writes

Women want equality,yet they segregate themselves thereby attracting discrimination. Well,I wish them the best in their quest for equality.

Jonathan says

Women and men are different. Its society's loss when women try to be same as men. Society must understand that there are differences, but that these do not make one sex better than another.

Michael says

I don't think this day is necessary, because women don't support each other, and it's this that leads to violence against them.

Isaac says

Congrats to all women in the world on this day, men it's time you give them the support and empowerment they need to make a better world.

Steve from USA writes

Sandra is an example of the victim mentality. If anything in the USA, affirmative action helps women out in the university level.


Women's must be treated with respect dignity and honour .Their fundamental rights are equal to those of mens.

Laura Maffitt sayd

Both men and women have the responsibilities to change their intrinsic views of women. As women, we need to conduct ourselves in such a way as to not diminish ourselves but men won't respect women while they see them strutting around in bikinis on TV.

Helen from Barcelona writes

The worlds' self proclaimed greatest democracy is debating whether they are ready for a woman President. They pay lip service to equality but in pratice ... they doubt the ability of a woman.

Mach Ayom Anyang in Kampala, Uganda, writes

Women are great caretakers but we men do take them for granted, as we give them one-day freedom in a year. I think we men should add another day to their usual one so that they can hold celebrations twice a year and feel considered as respected ones.

Denge from Lusaka, Zambia, writes

International Womens day, women always ask 4 equal rights, how bout God's plan? Women are there to support men and not fight to be their equal. Traditional, but thats biblical fact.

Matthew in Nigeria

Hi BBC, please help me & tell international women that Nigerian women are free but most of their childrens are into prostitution. Is it poverty that is violating women?


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