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Early Ideas . . .

Paul Coletti | 11:18 UK time, Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Good morning from a chilly London. Last night's debate from Columbus has pulled in a whopping 300+ comments on this creaking jalopy that is our blog . . . . . rest assured we will be moderating (probably for the rest of the afternoon).The WHYS blog RUNS ON THIS!!

The boss has just sent me his ideas for tonight's talking points in World Have Your Say which comes from the Big Bagel itself NooYawk . . . . read on and as ever, please let us know what your favoured topics are.

David's early ideas...
The US Senate vs Bush row over sacked attorneys might be a good one for today.

Iraq's Vice Pres calls for talks with militants in a BBC interview.

The UN will reopen the Iran sanctions debate around the time we go on air - one to watch.

Jamaican police have called Woolmer death 'suspicious' but no more details as yet.

Somalia fighting is top of the news coer at the World Service currently.

I think we should speak to the US envoy to Zimbabwe :

Russia's richest woman sues Forbes magazine.

Mark, Ros and Anna are on the line from New York . . .
Neither are convinced it's a day for strong news-related talking points. David has mentioned that it's the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the UK. Ros says this is getting no play in the US and that maybe we should just open up the debating floor in Sylvia's in Harlem to all and sundry (like WHYS did last year in Johannesburg - a memorable piece of radio). . . that, after all is what we're about.

Anna reckons gentrification in Harlem is a huge issue and will be sure to come up. Ros reckons we'd have to find some of the "new arrivals" in Harlem to add some spice. We'll have everyone's favourite bogey men - some real-estate agents - in Harlem tonight.

My own personal feeling is that the good folks of Harlem are going to have plenty to say concerning the case of Sean Bell, a black man shot 42 times by police.


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